New technology sunrise: Pure Web Terminal Emulator coming soon!

When the first PCs arrived to the market we all pictured that we were seeing the end of the hardware terminals glory days. Naturally, the old dumb 3278/5150 terminal was rapidly replaced by the new smarter DOS and Windows based Terminal Emulators.

Terminal Emulator

These solutions enabled AS/400 and IBM Mainframe users not only to replace the old hardware but also to take advantage of handling multiple connections and other PC tasks within the same box.

Later on, when Internet became popular, Terminal Emulators got aggiorned implementing Internet standard protocols (like TCP/IP, Telnet, SSL, SSH), allowing to easily access the Host computer from any place. Additionally, a few of those evolved into what we known today as Web-to-Host Terminal Emulators. A good step forward indeed. However, due to the web browser technology involved, these products needed to embed self-installable programs in the form of ActiveX plugins or Java Applets, which has some well known problems like pre-requisites (Internet Explorer, the right Java version installed) and security issues.

Nowadays, a typical user may use a Mac o a PC. May carry an Android phone, an iPad or a RIM tablet, or the three of them. In this new multiple-device, multiple-OS, Internet-connected scenario, the natural move would be having a cross-device, cross-OS Terminal Emulator. Wouldn’t be?

That’s what this is all about: we are working on a new, market-first HTML5-based Terminal Emulator. Nothing to download. Nothing to install. No security issues. Just launch a new tab and go!

ThinVNC v3.0 is available. Now including RDP!

There’s a noticeable point for RDP fans! ThinVNC has been adapted to get integrated with Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol providing this popular application with a clientless, HTML5 RDP client.

Web based RDP and VNC client While the highly-valued essential web desktop sharing features remain, ThinVNC v3.0 introduces many changes compared to previous ThinVNC versions.

Current users will notice that the main page now offers three connection modes: Remote Desktop (via RDP), Screen Sharing and File Transfer.

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