Thinfinity® VirtualUI beta 4 released

Cybele Software, Inc. is proud to announced the release of a new beta build of Thinfinity® VirtualUI™, which includes additional enhancements and bug fixes.

Thinfinity Virtual UI

New Feature since Beta 3
– Added support to open external links in the application.
– Added support for Access 2000 /VBA applications.

Fixes since Beta 3
– Fixed resizing errors.
– Fixed app taking browser resolution after resizing in Delphi2007.
– Fixed resolution configured on the “Profile Editor” not passed to the application.
– Fixed printing error in a Developer Express application.
– Fixed screen refresh error on grids with much info.
– Fixed error when an Acrobat Reader dll is invoked.
– Fixed refresh error when scrolling dataset with arrow buttons.
– Fixed Pop-up menu not minimizing in Delphi2007.
– Fixed error running dev mode with Framework 3.5.
– Fixed drawing errors.
– Fixed mouse issues with Easy-ip Client and RibbonNotepadDemo in DevExpress.
– Fixed crash when exiting application.
– Fixed TabSheet disappears if Form2 is closed from closing icon.
– Fixed duplicated characters input on mobile.
– Fixed error showing the app as if it were running on a mobile on Internet Explorer 11.
– Fixed Access Violation error when performing VirtualUI.Start(), VirtualUI.Stop() in a Delphi app.
– Fixed application hanging when running Virtual.Start from the GUI of the app (DevMode).
– Fixed FControls.UpdateZIndexes failure when updating.
– Fixed clipboard error.
– Fixed grey menu error on mobile devices.
– Fixed caption buttons on MDI applications.
– Fixed error when closing application in Delphi 7.


Please uninstall the previous build before installing the new one. Please send us an e-mail with your feedback and any bug report to you may find to

Setup files for Windows 8/2012 64-bit:

Setup files for Windows 8/2012 32-bit:

This Thinfinity® VirtualUI™ Beta version is valid until September 30, 2014.

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