Recovering browser information using ‘BrowserInfo’

Recovering browser information using BrowserInfo propertyWe start with this lines a new series of small articles to offer some simple but useful tips to help provide a better end user experience with Thinfinity® VirtualUI™ extended applications.

When the application was originally designed, the underlying assumption was that it would be used in desktop devices. As a result, we did not spend too much time thinking about the characteristics of the device from where our application would be run.

But when using VirtualUI, it is often necessary to be aware of some features and capabilities of the device from which end users are accessing our application.

The VirtualUI class has a property called BrowserInfo, which contains data about the used browser to assist us in delivering the best possible user experience.

In the list below we will find a detail of the information that BrowserInfo will deliver us:
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Windows and Web integration through Thinfinity® jsRO (Javascript Remote Objects) – Part 4

To achieve more interaction between the remote application and the browser, the object model provided by jsRO allows for the creation of remote methods and events defined in the application and added to a model by the developer.

Having learned how to interact with jsRO objects and their properties in previous articles, let’s see now how to create jsRO remote methods and custom events, and how to work with them from both the application and the browser side.

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Cybele Software Revamps its Partner Program

Cybele Software Partner ProgramLate last year we introduced a series of major changes into the lineup of software solutions that we offer, the most important being the introduction of the Thinfinity® software line, and the discontinuation of some popular, but older, products.


That’s why, over the past couple of months we’ve been busy setting up the new Partner Program, which is a natural evolution from the existing one. The main goal of this restructuring was to provide Business Partners more clarity about procedures, while also offering additional sales resources to help them make an impact on their business decision. Our new affiliate methodologies were designed to be simple, easy to follow and user-oriented.

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Managing licenses through the Thinfinity® VirtualUI OEM Licensing library



To help bundling Thinfinity VirtualUI with their applications, companies applying for OEM licensing can take advantage of three new features: Server Configuration API, OEM Licensing API and White Labeling customization.

In this article we will cover the OEM Licensing API.
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How to programmatically register Thinfinity® VirtualUI applications


Thinfinity VirtualUI comes with a configuration library that allows for an automatic and transparent programmatic registration of an application on your Thinfinity VirtualUI Server. This way, you can avoid leaving this registration and configuration process in the hands of the end user.

Thinfinity VirtualUI’s configuration library allows you to:
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