Using the Analytics Remote Desktop Web Service

In the previous post we discussed the Thinfinity Remote Desktop Web service modules. In this article, we will show you how to set up the ThinRDPWS-Query web service demo for .Net.


The ThinRDPWS-Query demo

The ThinRDPWS-Query demo was developed in C# to present the many integration possibilities the Analytics Web Service provides you. This application shows Thinfinity Remote Desktop Server activity information concerning logins, sessions, connections and browsers used to access remote computers in several time intervals.

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Web Services for Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server

Thifinity remote Desktop Server Web ServicesWhen we use the term “Integration”, we are not just referring to Thinfinity Remote Desktop’s ability to embed a remote display within a Web application. There are additional integration needs, like those related to resource management. The Thinfinity Remote Desktop Web Services API permits third party applications to access and manipulate historical data, thereby remotely configuring Thinfinity Remote Desktop Server. This API consists of two Web services modules: Access Profiles —for account management— and Analytics —for statistical and analytical evaluation purposes.

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White Labeling and Bundling of web-enabled apps

White labeling

This article describes the new Bundling and White Labeling customization options for a Thinfinity VirtualUI web-enabled Windows application.

In the present note we will give a brief explanation about the Bundling and White Labeling customization of a VirtualUI adapted application. This is the last of a series of three features that we are implementing to assist companies applying for OEM licensing.

In previous articles we described two features that help developers with the management of OEM licensed web-enabled applications:

  • a Server Configuration API, that allows for an automatic and transparent programmatic registration of an application on your Thinfinity VirtualUI Server.
  • an OEM Licensing API to create and revoke end-user’s Thinfinity VirtualUI licenses.

By using Bundling and White Labeling customization, companies now acquire a wider range of tools that will allow them to completely take control of their product’s final branding.

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Applying general custom settings to Thinfinity® Remote Desktop

Customizing Thinfinity Remote Desktop

Besides being a powerful cross-device, cross-browser remote access tool, Thinfinity Remote Desktop Server also excels in its integration capabilities and its flexible and easy customization.

A little known fact for those working with Thinfinity Remote Desktop is the existence of customSettings.js. This file provides a way to easily define some global parameters for all remote access connections, regardless of the selected profile. This file, located in the webrdp folder of the installation directory, is an editable javascript that contains a global variable called customSettings. Continue reading