Multiple RDS sessions to scale Thinfinity VirtualUI availability

Customizing Thinfinity VirtualUIThree weeks ago we released Thinfinity VirtualUI v1.1. This new version includes important changes in the software architecture. One of the additions is the possibility to use multiple Remote Desktop Server (RDS) accounts simultaneously. With this feature, VirtualUI can create more instances of each remotable application and distribute them across different Windows sessions.

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Using One-Time URL for single sign-on scenarios or one-time invitations

Thinfinity VirtualUI offers a special access method called “One-Time URL”. This mechanism was designed to create a temporary, unique url to provide one-time access to a specific application. This temporary url is disposed as soon as it is used or after a specified period of time has elapsed.

These are the main scenarios where the One-Time URL access method is most useful:


  • Single Sign-on scenarios.
  • External authentication methods.
  • One-time invitations to run a program  (i.e. application demos/presentations).

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[Press Release] Cybele Software Releases Thinfinity VirtualUI v1.1

Thinfinity® VirtualUI v1.1, now with improved scalability and fault tolerance

VirtualUI v1.1The new Thinfinity® VirtualUI™ platform helps developers to effortlessly take to the web Windows applications developed with .Net, Delphi, Visual C++ and the like.

For Immediate Release.

WILMINGTON, DE (August 5th, 2015)—Cybele Software, Inc. today announced the release of version 1.1 of Thinfinity VirtualUI, its Web-Enabling solution for Windows apps. This new release brings important changes to its architecture, which enhances the existing possibilities in terms of availability, scalability and fault tolerance.

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