ThinVNC SDK, Remote Desktop and Application Sharing Integration Alternative

All web browsers now support web-rdp.

Web remote desktop access is now compatible with any HTML5 browser.

ThinVNC SDK it’s an ActiveX Component Library to allow developers to integrate Desktop and Application Sharing capabilities into their Microsoft Windows applications.

Back in 2010, when Cybele Software announced the first release of ThinVNC, the HTML5 technology was pretty new. Actually, most web browsers could not even support it!

Nowadays web-RDP & web-VNC became the best remote desktop alternatives for most companies and the need of deep remote desktop integration arises.

ThinVNC SDK, provides both server-side and client-side components. On the server-side, a developer can include the ThinVNC server component to publish on-demand the entire application, selected windows or the whole desktop. On the client-side, developers can use ThinVNC client component to provide integrated remote application visualization and control.

The ThinVNC client component comes in two flavors: ActiveX Component or pure-HTML5 JavaScript object. The final client application can be either a Windows executable or just a pure Web Application.

Additionally, ThinVNC SDK allows developers to publish “virtual” windows. This can be done by providing a bitmap representation of each virtual window to publish. An sample project that allows to take Macromedia Flash movies to any HTML5-capable Web Browser – including Safari on IPad/IPhone – is included with the Kit.

Both, the JavaScript and the Active clients connects to ThinVNC server using Ajax and WebSockets over SSL, making any integration secure and firewall-friendly.

ThinVNC SDK is suitable for any ActiveX compatible development environment and frameworks, including .NET/Mono framework and can be installed on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Win 7/Windows Server 2008.

The ThinVNC JavaScript client is compatible with any Operating System and any major Web Browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, etc.

Download ThinVNC SDK for free to enjoy a 30-day trial.

Visit the online help for ThinVNC SDK for further tech guidance or contact us if you need licensing information.