Cybele Software released Thinfinity VirtualUI 2.0

Today is THE day! Cybele Software, Inc. formally announced the release of Thinfinity VirtualUI 2.0. Check the new Thinfinity VirtualUI 2.0

As we anticipated a few weeks ago, we’ve been working to bring you a more powerful tool. The new version of VirtualUI now includes great features suggested and expected by many users:

– Enhanced end-user access schema
– File System and Registry Virtualization
– Session recording/playback

Meet the new Thinfinity VirtualUI 2.0

The official Press Release for Thinfinity VirtualUI v2.0 can be found here:

Read more about the new features and all the possibilities that VirtualUI can offer to developers and end-users.

You may visit the product page or download the whitepaper in PDF format:

Product page:

4 thoughts on “Cybele Software released Thinfinity VirtualUI 2.0

  1. Nice upgrade!

    I need to test the file lock issue. our applications are using local temporary file (like caching on Ttable).
    is there a example how to read username to create their own working directory?
    we must now make several copies of the application on the disk.


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