z/Scope Anywhere v8.0 is here

z/Scope Anywhere 8Web-Based terminal emulationToday, we are happy to share with our audience the formal release of z/Scope Anywhere 8.

Our browser-based terminal emulation client grants host access on virtually any operating system or device. It supports both touch screens and virtual keyboards providing a solid user experience though a modern HTML5 interface and with zero client software installation.

z/Scope Anywhere 8 supports multiple protocols including TN3270E, TN5250E, TN3287, TN3812, VT100, VT220, VT320, VT420, SSH1 and SSH2 Telnet Servers, and SFTP.

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Web Enabling SDK for Windows Apps

Thinfinity VirtualUI delivers your Windows applications on any device, anywhere. All with a single line of code.


Your Windows Applications in the Web, InstantlyWindows apps to web

As users are migrating from traditional desktop computers to mobile devices, transitioning your Windows application to the Web is the next logical step to increase your exposure. You can make your Windows applications accessible from the Web TODAY.

Furthermore, you may enhance your existing applications with online data, rejuvenate your older software, and deliver your application to anywhere in the world, all with Thinfinity VirtualUI.
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New z/Scope Anywhere iOS app

iOS app for z/Scope Anywhere Terminal EmulatorIn Cybele Software we are always striving to extend our products’ usability. In this opportunity we developed a z/Scope Anywhere iOS app.

This new z/Scope Anywhere app, which loads z/Scope Anywhere with no intervention of a standard browser brings on new benefits for our iPad and iPhone users. Among others, the comfort of bluetooth keyboard support. Today we want to share with you a video that shows this new capability. Continue reading

12 tips to adapt desktop applications to mobile devices with VirtualUI

desktop applications to mobileWith more than half of the total internet traffic being accounted for by mobile devices, considering the mobile interface of your application is a must.

Unlike native web applications, which can adapt their layout to the viewing environment by using responsive web design, each Thinfinity VirtualUI application runs as an instance in the server and its screens are displayed in a canvas element in the browser. In order to adapt the application for mobile access, different matters have to be taken into account. In this article we will go through some essential tips that will help you re-think your application interface in order to attain a seamless experience for your users in both desktop and mobile worlds. Continue reading

Enhanced Browser and Device DPI support

Among the wide range of valid resolutions that both Thinfinity Remote Desktop and Thinfinity VirtualUI offer, the most commonly used —because of its flexibility and simplicity— is “Fit to Browser”.

“Fit to Browser” propertyThis configuration allows you to adjust the remote desktop / remote application to the available browser size. However, when it comes to accessing a desktop from different devices, the sometimes huge differences between screen sizes and resolutions (i.e. iPhone 4 vs a 27 inch iMac Retina Display) make it impossible to have a simple rule to determine the best remote size. Even when the application is adjusting properly to the available size, the screen rendered might still look tiny or disproportionate, making the user experience not as satisfactory as expected.

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Change browser behavior using ‘ClientSettings’

ClientSettings is an additional interface variable for Thinfinity VirtualUI LibraryIn our last post we started with a new notes and tips series aimed at helping developers take full advantage of Thinfinity® VirtualUI™’s existing possibilities.

In the present note, we will focus on ClientSettings.

ClientSettings is an additional interface available at the Thinfinity VirtualUI Library that allows developers to remotely and programmatically configure particular browser settings. These settings are related to the cursor visibility and some specific touch action behaviors.

We can find, in the table below, a detailed explanation of the ClientSettings interface’s current properties:

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[Press Release] Windows apps reach a new level with GUI Virtualization and Web Integration: Meet Thinfinity VirtualUI

The new Thinfinity® VirtualUI™ platform helps developers to effortlessly take to the web Windows applications developed with .Net, Delphi, Visual C++ and the like.

For Immediate Release

WILMINGTON, DE, December 16, 2014—Cybele Software, Inc. announced today the release of Thinfinity VirtualUI, a one-of-a-kind development solution offering both instant GUI remoting and full web integration for Windows apps.

Thinfinity VirtualUI  is aimed at developers who are looking for reusing their existing code base and convert their applications to muti-user, multi-instance web apps.

When it comes to GUI Virtualization, Thinfinity® VirtualUI™ offers developers an effortless solution to take their applications to the web, converting them in dual-platform Windows/HTML5 apps. These applications retain their standard Windows environment behavior and, additionally, can be hosted on a Thinfinity VirtualUI environment to be remotely accessed from any modern web browser in a multi-user, multi-instance manner.

Drawing on the expertise and innovation from Cybele’s Development team, Thinfinity® VirtualUI™ also makes full web integration of desktop applications possible.  It facilitates two-way integration between the Windows-based applications and web resources by blending them with the web-side environment. Thinfinity® VirtualUI™ allows Win32/64 apps to be reshaped into a completely tailor-made ones, combining them with available web and multimedia resources.

Thinfinity® VirtualUI™ relies on Javascript Remote Objects (jsRO), a brand new technology conceived by Cybele Software that enables the creation of remotable server objects, mirrored to the web as native Javascript objects. sRO provides full two-way data-binding and remote procedure calls using an easy and straight-forward methodology -making the windows and web integration as easy as pie!

“Innovation is at the core of everything we do, and one way that we uphold this commitment is by constantly evolving and designing new solutions to developers’ changing needs,” said Gustavo Ricardi, Cybele Software, Inc. CEO.

Thinfinity® VirtualUI™ Highlights:

 Instantly web-enables Windows desktop applications: works with popular Windows development environments and programming languages

 Real integration capabilities: Windows applications can now be integrated with other web resources or applications, providing not only GUI remoting but also functional and data integration

 New object remoting framework: the new jsRO (Javascript Remote Objects) framework facilitates the creation of remotable server objects, with their properties, methods and events mirrored to the web as native javascript objects

 Development Lab: web environment that lets developers see, test and interact with the jsRO objects created in their application.

 Dual-platform – Windows/Web: applications can keep their standard desktop environment behavior, or be accessed remotely from any HTML5-compliant Web browser, in a multi-user, multi-instance fashion

 Cross-browser and Cross-OS: works with any HTML5-compliant Web browser, automatically using HTTPS protocol on Android native browsers, Microsoft IE9, and others that still lack support for the WebSocket standard protocol

 Zero client setup: no plugin, add-on, or other kind of installation on the client side is required

 Secure, high-performance web-based Remote Access to applications hosted on a LAN, through a single published IP address, via http(s) and WebSocket protocols


* Development machine

– Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 7 (32­bit/64­bit), Microsoft Windows 8 (32­bit/64­bit), or Microsoft Windows Server 2012 (32­bit/64­bit)

– A development environment: Microsoft Visual Studio, Delphi 5 to XE7, Microsoft Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, and others.

– The application can use .NET WPF, GDI, GDI+ and limited DirectX calls.

* Server machine

– Microsoft Windows 8 32­bit / 64­bit.

– Microsoft Windows Server 2012 32­bit / 64­bit.

* End-user machine

– Any operating system and/or device with a HTML5-compliant Web Browser.

– Any modern Web Browser (HTML5-­compliant) such as IE10/11, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, etc.


Product Pagehttps://www.cybelesoft.com/Thinfinity/VirtualUI/
White paper: http://www.cybelesoft.com/docs/thinfinity_virtualui_whitepaper.pdf
Online manualhttp://www.cybelesoft.com/helps/thinfinity/virtualui
Demo tutorialhttp://cybelesoft.com/blog/integrate-your-delphi-application-with-the-web-tutorial/

For more information about Thinfinity® VirtualUI™, contact Cybele Software, Inc.
3422 Old Capitol Trail, Suite 1125
Wilmington, DE – 19808, USA.
Phone: (302) 892-9625 or (866) 462-9768 (USA & Canada)
Email: info@cybelesoft.com
Website: www.cybelesoft.com

Thinfinity® VirtualUI Beta 8 released

Cybele Software, Inc. is proud to announced the release of a new beta build of Thinfinity® VirtualUI™, which includes additional enhancements and bug fixes.

The most important bug fixes since Beta 7 are:

* Fixed screen cut off at the bottom in iPad

* Fixed error when configuring a Default Application

* Fixed drawing error in Firefox 27 and 30

* Fixed drawing errors with Delphi7 apps

* Fixed left border missing in Modal Form

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Integrate your Delphi application with the Web – Tutorial

We prepared a tutorial to help you use Thinfinity® VirtualUI™ in your Delphi application.  It consists of a PDF document and 5 Delphi projects based on a Fishfacts demo.

In this tutorial we show you how you can take your application to the web, from the instant UI Remoting to a full windows-to-web integration using the new jsRO framework (Javascript Remote Objects).

Thinfinity® VirtualUI™ demo

Download the tutorial in PDF format from here, and the demo files from here.

Gustavo Ricardi

Thinfinity VirtualUI beta 7

Cybele Software, Inc.announces the release of its latest beta build of Thinfinity® VirtualUI™.

In this beta we introduce the new Javascript Remote Objects (jsRO), an amazing technology we devised here at Cybele Software to complement the user interface remoting capabilities provided by VirtualUI with an amazingly easy and powerful integration framework.

jsRO allows you to define server-side objects mirrored on the client-side as native javascript objects. It provides a two-way data binding, remote method calls and custom remote events.

Additionally, Thinfinity VirtualUI now comes with the new VirtualUI Development Lab, a web environment that lets you see and interact with the jsRO objects created in your application.

This Thinfinity® VirtualUI™ Beta version is valid until March 31, 2015.

Make sure to uninstall the previous build before installing the new one.

Please report suggestions and any general feedback to support@cybelesoft.com. We appreciate your feedback!

Setup files for Windows 8/2012 64-bit:


Setup files for Windows 8/2012 32-bit:

Product Page: https://www.cybelesoft.com/Thinfinity/VirtualUI/
White paper: http://www.cybelesoft.com/docs/thinfinity_virtualui_whitepaper.pdf
Online manual: http://www.cybelesoft.com/helps/thinfinity/virtualui

For more information about Thinfinity™ Virtual UI, contact Cybele Software, Inc.
3422 Old Capitol Trail, Suite 1125
Wilmington, DE – 19808, USA.
Phone: (302) 892-9625 or (866) 462-9768 (USA & Canada)
Email: info@cybelesoft.com
Website: www.cybelesoft.com