z/Scope Anywhere v8.0 is here

z/Scope Anywhere 8Web-Based terminal emulationToday, we are happy to share with our audience the formal release of z/Scope Anywhere 8.

Our browser-based terminal emulation client grants host access on virtually any operating system or device. It supports both touch screens and virtual keyboards providing a solid user experience though a modern HTML5 interface and with zero client software installation.

z/Scope Anywhere 8 supports multiple protocols including TN3270E, TN5250E, TN3287, TN3812, VT100, VT220, VT320, VT420, SSH1 and SSH2 Telnet Servers, and SFTP.

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z/Scope Terminal Emulator for Windows 8 / Windows 10

z/Scope version 6.5, Terminal Emulator for Windows 8 and Windows 10

Cybele Software presents a Terminal Emulator for Windows 8 and 10We are happy to announce the release of version 6.5 of our Desktop Terminal Emulator.

Since it’s first release back in 2006, z/Scope provides multi-host, multi-protocol, multi-session Terminal Emulation for AS/400, IBM Mainframes and Unix servers access.

 All z/Scope features contribute to improve the terminal emulation in many ways. z/Scope users are able to save time, save pc/server resources, enjoy a beautiful interface, have all the functionality that they need, with all the necessary technical support backing them up.

With this latest version we continue to solidify our commitment to provide secure and flexible remote-access technology for different needs:


Terminal Emulator for Windows 8 and 10, licensed per seat.

    Check mark for zScope Express 3270 for TN3270 Hosts zScope Express 3270: Works with TN3270 only.

    Check mark for VT/UNIX host access with printer emulation zScope Express VT: Works with VT/UNIX hosts only.

    Check mark for zScope Express 5250 for TN5250 Hosts zScope Express 5250: Works with TN5250 only.

    Check mark for VT/UNIX, TN3270 and TN5250 host access zScope Classic: Supports VT/UNIX, TN3270 and TN5250 host access. Printer emulation and FTP also available.

Windows Server + Pure-web, HTML5-based client, licensed by concurrent user.

    Check mark for VT/UNIX, TN3270 and TN5250 web host access. z/Scope Anywhere Supports VT/UNIX, TN3270 and TN5250 host access.

Need a solid Terminal Emulation solution for Windows 10 or Windows 8? Try z/Scope now!

A free 30-day trial setup is available for download at our website.

z/Scope Terminal Emulator can be installed on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and also in Windows Server 2012. Contact us to verify the compatibility with other OS.

Leading Browser-based Terminal Emulator Provides Secure Web-based Access to IBM Mainframes, AS/400, and Unix Systems

z/Scope Anywhere 7.0 delivers on its promise of highly flexible and highly secure terminal emulation with its browser-based client for tablets, phones, PCs, and MACs

WILMINGTON, Del., Sept. 25, 2012 Cybele Software, Inc. announces its production release of z/Scope Anywhere 7.0, the intelligent remote-computing solution for users of IBM mainframes, AS/400, and UNIX systems. z/Scope Anywhere 7.0 elevates cross-platform, remote computing by providing users of any current technology device, HTML5 browser, or operating system with a highly secure and highly flexible web terminal emulation solution.

With this release, Cybele Software, Inc. fulfills its commitment to security by designing z/Scope Anywhere 7.0 as a pure HTML5/JavaScript client. There is no ActiveX or Java applet to install, making z/Scope Anywhere 100% native-firewall friendly. Because z/Scope Anywhere 7.0 is hardened with onboard security features, users can confidently access even their most critical systems remotely.

HTML5 Terminal Emulator - z/Scope Anywhere

z/Scope Anywhere 7.0 supports multiple protocols including TN3270E, TN5250E, VT100 to VT420, and SSH. In addition, z/Scope Anywhere 7.0 supports multiple sessions on the same client. To help users manage their sessions and connections, z/Scope Anywhere 7.0 includes both a centralized and individual control panels for managing system settings such as SSL options, char tables, hotspots, and keypads. Users can view real-time usage statistics, including connections per host, as well as a comprehensive log file of connection activity.

The sleek metro design of the z/Scope Anywhere 7.0 interface provides a comfortable and intuitive computing experience for users of smart phones and tablets. Fully tablet-ready, z/Scope Anywhere 7.0 supports both touch and virtual keyboards. z/Scope Anywhere 7.0 also includes a new Screen Print feature which allows users to choose from four, ink-saving color palettes.

Visit our public demo for a quick trial! (user: demo / password: demo)

z/Scope Anywhere 7.0 Highlights
Web Terminal Emulator
– Cross-browser, cross-operating system, cross-device, pure HTML5/JavaScript client
– Support for multiple protocols: TN3270E, TN5250E, VT100, VT220, VT320, VT420, and SSH
– Support for running multiple sessions on the same client instance
– Touch and virtual keyboard enabled
– Secure; native-firewall friendly
– Centralized and per-user administration of connections
– Real-time usage statistics and comprehensive log file
– Multi-protocol file transfer capability. FTP, IND$FILE, KERMIT, X/Y/Z-MODEM.
– Screen print feature with four, ink-saving color palette options
– Designed around a new technology standard, guaranteeing simplified long-term maintenance.

z/Scope Anywhere 7.0 Requirements
– Client: Any HTML5 browser-based client
– Server: z/Scope Anywhere 7.0
– Host: IBM Mainframe, AS/400, or Unix

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HTML5 Terminal Emulation
Download z/Scope Anywhere
The User Interface
Establishing your first connection

The Beta period for z/Scope Anywhere has been extended

We are now getting close to the big announce of the public release of z/Scope Anywhere v7.0 and while we polish the last details we want you to continue to play with our pure-web terminal emulator client until October 31st.

HTML5 Terminal Emulator - Start page view

We expect to hear from you and we welcome your comments and suggestions, as well as any bug and misbehavior report.

This post has been updated after the release of z/Scope Anywhere v7.0

New links for public version:

z/Scope Anywhere on-line, much easier to try

z/Scope Anywhere is now available on-line! We wanted to speed up the free trial process for all our website visitors, specially those terminal emulation users who are having their first experience with our products.

z/Scope Anywhere at the Chrome Store!

However, this z/Scope Anywhere shortcut is much more than just a demo version. Users can actually load our HTML5-based client to connect to a remote host and work from any PC or device, enjoying all the features available from the web (without the server configuration options).

To enforce it’s availability, z/Scope Anywhere was also listed at the Google Chrome Store. Look for z/Scope Anywhere at the Chrome webstore to read additional information regarding the product and even start the web terminal emulator client from there.

Ready to start? Read these next topics and learn more about the basics:



Cross-Device, Cross-OS Terminal Emulator Delivers Secure Web Access to IBM Mainframes, AS/400, and Unix Systems

We are happy to announce to our users and friends the Beta release of z/Scope Anywhere 7.0, a first-of-its-kind Cross-Device, Cross-OS terminal emulator that provides secure access to IBM mainframes, AS/400, and UNIX systems from PCs, MACs, Chromebooks, smart phones, and tablets.

HTML5 Terminal Emulator - Start page view

With z/Scope Anywhere, Cybele Software solidifies its reputation as a leading provider of secure and flexible, remote-access technology. z/Scope Anywhere leverages the flexibility and portability provided by modern technology devices to enable secure access through an intuitive, Web-based user interface.

z/Scope Anywhere is native-HTML5

Since there is no ActiveX or Java applet to install, its browser-based terminal emulator client can be loaded on virtually any computer or device. z/Scope Anywhere 7.0 is fully tablet-ready; its metro design and support for both touch and virtual keyboards provides a familiar experience to users of smart phones and tablets.

Secure Terminal Emulation Software

z/Scope Anywhere supports multiple protocols including TN3270E, TN5250E, Telnet VTxxx, and SSH. In addition, z/Scope Anywhere takes advantage of multi-session technology to allow multiple sessions on the same client instance, delivering even more computing capacity to remote users.

Technology moves on and so do you. With z/Scope Anywhere you can take your hosts everywhere! Take advantage of this opportunity to trial our Beta.

– Read more about z/Scope Anywhere.
– Download the setup here.

z/Scope Anywhere beta is now available!

Finally, we are releasing the first beta of z/Scope Anywhere 7, the world’s first HTML5-based, Multi-session Multi-protocol Terminal Emulator. There still are some missing features, but the core product is ready for anyone willing to play with it and see where are we heading.

HTML5 Based Terminal Emulator – Web Client home page view

HTML5 Terminal Emulation

You are invited to download z/Scope Anywhere and try it. Get the setup file for the Windows Server here.

Help files for z/Scope Anywhere Terminal Emulator can be found here:

We’d greatly appreciate your feedback and bug report!

Gustavo Ricardi
CEO & Chairman

A sneak peek of the new HTML5-based Terminal Emulator

As we announced a few weeks ago, our new HTML5 Based Terminal Emulator it’s almost ready.

Current z/Scope Web-to-Host users will enjoy this new Anywhere edition, which works on any HTML5 capable browser without the need of plugings or additional setups. z/Scope Anywhere client works under Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer and others.

We are now polishing the final details of our new Web Terminal Emulator, so we wanted to share with you its look:

HTML5 Based Terminal Emulator – Web Client home page view

HTML5 Terminal Emulation

Actual emulation screen directly drawn on the HTML5 canvas

Capture of HTML5 Based Terminal Emulator - Web Client

We’ve choosen the new metro style to keep a fluid and modern interface across devices. Thanks to its portability and its smooth look & feel, the new z/Scope will eclipse any standalone and any plugin-based terminal emulator you’ve ever used before.

Did you ever dream to access the old Mainframe or iSeries from your handheld while you’re away from your desk?

New technology sunrise: Pure Web Terminal Emulator coming soon!

When the first PCs arrived to the market we all pictured that we were seeing the end of the hardware terminals glory days. Naturally, the old dumb 3278/5150 terminal was rapidly replaced by the new smarter DOS and Windows based Terminal Emulators.

Terminal Emulator

These solutions enabled AS/400 and IBM Mainframe users not only to replace the old hardware but also to take advantage of handling multiple connections and other PC tasks within the same box.

Later on, when Internet became popular, Terminal Emulators got aggiorned implementing Internet standard protocols (like TCP/IP, Telnet, SSL, SSH), allowing to easily access the Host computer from any place. Additionally, a few of those evolved into what we known today as Web-to-Host Terminal Emulators. A good step forward indeed. However, due to the web browser technology involved, these products needed to embed self-installable programs in the form of ActiveX plugins or Java Applets, which has some well known problems like pre-requisites (Internet Explorer, the right Java version installed) and security issues.

Nowadays, a typical user may use a Mac o a PC. May carry an Android phone, an iPad or a RIM tablet, or the three of them. In this new multiple-device, multiple-OS, Internet-connected scenario, the natural move would be having a cross-device, cross-OS Terminal Emulator. Wouldn’t be?

That’s what this is all about: we are working on a new, market-first HTML5-based Terminal Emulator. Nothing to download. Nothing to install. No security issues. Just launch a new tab and go!