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Any Cybele Software customer covered by our Maintenance Service may update their current product version at any time.

Aside from our technical support service, surely the best part of renewing your license’s maintenance is being eligible for the latest software updates and version upgrades at no extra cost.

Check out our download page or contact our technical support team to find out about your product’s latest available version or to inquire about your renewal status.

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Need web-based Screen Sharing and Remote Desktop?

Thinfinity Remote Desktop Workstation now reunites all the PC sharing features of the well known ThinVNC and the powerful RDP capabilities of the old ThinRDP Workstation on a single tool.

Web RDP configurationThinfinity Remote Desktop Workstation is the anwser you’ve been looking for. It not only provides web VNC & and web RDP with a smooth performance, it’s also FREE!

FREE RDP and VNC-like web client
Remote desktop control and screen sharing, all in one
Remarkably simple to set up

You should definitely adopt our free RDP client. It works on any browser. The setup is easy as a pie. The configuration has no big secrets, and we provide a step-by-step guide for non tech users.

Select the RDP mode to enjoy full remote desktop access to your Windows programs, documents and network resources. Or, select the VNC mode and start a desktop sharing session. Invite your mates to join in the remote session. They can even control your mouse and keyboard. The possibility of sharing a remote session makes the Workstation ideal for remote support and collaborative activities.

Web-based Screen Sharing and HTML5 Remote Desktop Technical Highlights

    – It does not require ANY other setup on the end-user side (web browser)
    – Works with all HTML5-compliant web browser
    – Supported by Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and others
    – Remote Printing
    – Remote Audio
    – File Transfer
    – High-performance, firewall-friendly
    – Compatible with 32-bit/64-bit versions editions of Windows

Thinfinity Remote Desktop Workstation it’s a great tool for commercial or personal use. All major browsers support HTML5 technology nowadays. Any Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Chromebook, Android or iOS user can connect remotely into their Windows desktops through their favorite browser.

Meet the best web-based remote access solution… and remote into your Windows PC from any web browser.

    Quick to install, easy to use, free to enjoy!

Try it today!

Product page: http://www.cybelesoft.com/thinfinity/remote-desktop/workstation/
Form to request a free license (it’s a serial key generated automaticaly, sent by email): http://www.cybelesoft.com/thinfinity/remote-desktop/workstation/free-license.aspx
Download the User Guide: http://www.cybelesoft.com/docs/Thinfinity_Remote_Desktop_Workstation_Guide.pdf
Download link: http://www.cybelesoft.com/downloads/Thinfinity_Remote_Desktop_Workstation_Setup_x86.exe 

[Press Release] Cybele Software Inc. unveils its new Thinfinity® Remote Desktop -available in Server and Workstation editions

The New Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Brings Unparalleled Performance to HTML5-based Clientless Remote Access to Windows Desktops -Cross-browser, Cross-device.

For Immediate Release

WILMINGTON, DE, October 28, 2014—Cybele Software, Inc., the leading innovator of web-based remote access software solutions, announced today the release of Thinfinity® Remote Desktop, its latest solution to remote Windows desktop access.

Thinfinity® Remote Desktop delivers dramatic improvements in productivity, technology and user experience innovations. This new product offers a seamless, over 20% faster performance than its two predecessors, ThinRDP and ThinVNC.

Among other exciting new features and improvements, Thinfinity® Remote Desktop now provides support for Microsoft® RemoteFX™, enabling a fast and enhanced visual experience of the Windows desktop. It also offers multi-touch input redirection, which allows users to send the input of up to ten simultaneous fingers to be interpreted in the remote OS.

Also new in this release, is the possibility to record remote desktop sessions for later playback from within the Thinfinity® Remote Desktop web interface.

Now, every configured connection can have its own URL, allowing for the creation of shortcuts for rapid and simplified end-user’s access to remote desktops and apps.

Thinfinity® Remote Desktop is available in two versions: Server and Workstation, each one of them aimed at users’ specific needs.


New features and enhancements

Server and Workstation editions:

Over 20% faster than previous versions (ThinRDP / ThinVNC)

Support for Microsoft® RemoteFX™, enabling fast, enhanced visual experience of the Windows desktop

Multi-touch input redirection. Send the input of up to ten simultaneous fingers to be interpreted in the remote OS


Specific to Server edition:

 Record Remote Desktop (RDP) sessions and play them back from within the Thinfinity® Remote Desktop web interface

 Create shortcuts to any configured connection

Integrate the Thinfinity® RDP authentication with the RADIUS system

Populate Microsoft RD Web Access links

Store Analytics data in MS-SQL database


Specific to Workstation edition:

 Remote Desktop (RDP), Screen Sharing and File Transfer

 “Automatic” mode, that chooses between Remote Desktop and Screen Sharing taking into account the presence of a user on the remote machine

 Persistent configuration on per user basis


Check out the full Feature list (and compare both editions). For Architecture and Specifications of the Server, please check here.



For more information about Thinfinity® Remote Desktop contact Cybele Software, Inc.

3422 Old Capitol Trail, Suite 1125,

Wilmington, DE – 19808, USA.

Phone: (302) 892-9625 or (866) 462-9768

Email: info@cybelesoft.com

Website: www.cybelesoft.com