A way to improve the UX with Virtual UI’s OpenLinkDlg for VB6 desktop developers

A way to improve the UX with Virtual UI's OpenLinkDlg for VB6 desktop developers

In a previous article, we mentioned two use cases for this fantastic method to honor -and many times to improve- C# application’s user experience once is published on the web with Thinfinity Virtual UI.
Following the “Don’t make me think” philosophy developers are always looking for best practices and ways to make it easier for users to interact with applications and that’s the reason why we published “How to use the OpenLinkDlg method with use-cases”.
We keep thinking about this: users taking full advantage of your Visual Basic 6 desktop application on the web with a wide range of benefits that come with it. So as we did with C# we coded this VB6 demo application for you to replicate it in your Visual Basic 6 application and let your users do what they have to with it.
Opnlnk VB6
Go ahead and follow this tutorial to publish this or any Visual Basic 6 desktop application on the web.
Now, what matters the most here: The OpenLinkDlg is a method brought to you by the Virtual UI class. Let’s take a look at it.
OpenLinkDlg([in] BSTR url, [in] BSTR caption)
So in the first parameter, we’ll pass the URL of the link we want the user to open. This can be a website, or in many cases a different application published with Thinfinity Virtual UI.
The second parameter is a useful text that will take the user to the proper destination in case the browser has pop-up windows blocked.
Opnlink VB6
We add a timer to force the link prompt when the user clicks on the button.
Opnlnk VB6
When the timer ticks this is what happens:
Opnlnk VB6
The Virtual UI’s open link dialog will come up with the message passed as the second parameter which will link to the URL passed as the first parameter.
Same case if you want to let the user send an email. You can use the open link dialog method to enable the user’s email client to come up passing every email field filled as you can see in these lines:
Opnlnk VB6
When the timer ticks the user’s email client comes up and then he can send it with no effort.
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