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How to configure and use Direct File Transfer in Thinfinity® Remote Desktop 6.0

With Thinfinity Remote Desktop 6.0 we introduced an enhanced method for all file transfers. Features like Drag and Drop makes the entire process extremely easy and convenient. We simplified the way users interact with their local and remote files, providing the necessary tools for your user’s day to day activities.

To take advantage of all the features, the admin will need to install an executable component called Thinfinity® Remote Desktop WebBridgeWebBridge will enable the ability to Drag and Drop files straight from the browser. This component also will create a temporary Virtual Disk called “ThinDisk” that the users can alternatively use as the main directory to safely and easily transfer files from and to the remote machine.

In order to get this installer, please contact support@cybelesoft.com.

Now let’s jump into the installation process:

  • First-off, run the installer “Thinfinity_RDTools_v5.0_Setup_x64.exe”.

Bear in mind, Thinfinity® Remote Desktop WebBridge has to be installed on the Remote Desktop machine you wish to upload/download files to/from. The client computer does not require to install any plug-in or add-on.

  • In the first screen, press ‘Next’.

Screen shot example

  • Accept the License Agreement and press ‘Next’.

Screen shot example

  • Select the Destination Folder and press ‘Next’.

Screen shot example

  • Click ‘Install’ :

Screen shot example

  • After the installation completes, press ‘Finish’.

Screen shot example

Now you should be ready to connect to this server and use the WebBridge drive.

How to Upload Files

There are 2 different ways you can upload a file to your remote desktop session:

  • You can drag and drop files directly into the browser where the remote desktop session is running.

After you drag a file into the browser, you will be prompted to save the file:

Screen shot example

Here you can select any folder you have permissions to in the remote desktop.

  • Go to the “Thinfinity® WebBridge” drive and double click “Upload Here”:

Screen shot example

This will open your local “File Open” dialog, where you can select a file and upload to the “Thinfinity® WebBridge” drive.

How to Download Files

To download files, there are also 2 different methods:

  • You can drag and drop files into the “Thinfinity® WebBridge” drive. This will save the file in the WebBridge drive and will automatically download from your browser.
  • Right click any file in the remote desktop session, and select “Send to Browser” to automatically download:

Screen shot example


If you are working on a file that is stored in the “Thinfinity® WebBridge” drive and you update it, WebBridge will detect these changes and download the file again so you don’t lose any of your information.

If you have any questions please send us an email at support@cybelesoft.com.



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