How to customize the 'ThinDisk' name

In this step-by-step guide you will learn how to change the name displayed for the ThinDisk file system drive.

First of all, open Thinfinity Remote Desktop and go to the ‘Access Profiles’ tab.

Once there, click on the connection and then click the ‘Edit’ button.

How to customize the 'ThinDisk' name - 01

This will open the ‘Profile Editor’. While on it, go to the ‘Resources’ tab.

You can change the Thindisk denomination in the ‘Disk name’ text box.

Once done, press Ok and then ‘Apply’.

How to customize the 'ThinDisk' name - 02

You can also change the name of the computer where the ThinDisk drive is displayed, by adding this line of code to the ‘Thinfinity.RemoteDesktop.Server.ini’ file found on the “C:\ProgramData\Cybele Software\Thinfinity\Remote Desktop Server\DB” path:





If you are using a load balancing environment, this chosen name will be visible for all users.

After making the changes, restart the Thinfinity Remote Desktop Service Manager by going to Start > Run > services.msc

And that’s it! You have now customized the ThinDisk virtual drive name for file management.

If you have any questions please email us at [email protected].


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