Configure NOD32 ESET to work with Thinfinity Remote Desktop

In this article, we will show you how to configure the NOD32 ESET antivirus software to work properly with Thinfinity Remote Desktop.

For those who are new here, Thinfinity Remote Desktop is a remote desktop server that allows you to offer web remote access to your desktops, files and folders. It’s a great tool for IT admin. Its centralized management enables plenty of configuration options that will optimize the use of time and resources. Click here to try it during 15 days.

Configure NOD32 ESET Antivirus

There are three possible solutions for the antivirus to coexist with our software.

    1. Exclude the Thinfinity applications from being scanned:
    2. Open the NOD32 ESET antivirus configuration and go to the Internet Security section. In it, you’ll find the Web and Email tab at the left panel.
    3. From there you’ll be able to edit the Excluded applications section. You will need to allow the following executable files for Remote Desktop to work:
    4. Thinfinity.RemoteDesktop.Server.exe
    5. Thinfinity.RemoteDesktop.Broker.exe
    6. Thinfinity.RemoteDesktop.Gateway.exe
    7. Thinfinity.RemoteDesktop.SvcMgr.exe

    How to configure NOD32 ESET Antivirus to work with Thinfinity Remote Desktop - 01

    1. Exclude Thinfinity’s IP: Another solution would be to exclude the Thinfinity Remote Desktop IP Address  in the  Excluded IP address list by clicking that option on the Web and Email section of the antivirus application.
    1. Disable Network attack protection: Another possible solution for this, would be disabling the Network attack protection (IDS)


  1. How to configure NOD32 ESET Antivirus to work with Thinfinity Remote Desktop - 02
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