How to configure One-Time URL in Thinfinity Remote Desktop

Thinfinity Remote Desktop includes a very powerful tool that allows you to create 1-time disposable links. These links can be used to do integrations of all kinds.

The following are just some examples of what you can accomplish using OT URL:

– Automate connections: Securely start RemoteApps, Protect your environment by using one-time disposable links.
– Embed an RDP connection into a public web page
– Start a connection to a remote application with different parameters.

Thinfinity Remote Desktop Server, offers a mechanism to generate One-Time-URL connections that expire after a given period of time.
The One-Time-URL feature is designed to work with the Access Profiles and User/Password Security Levels.

How to configure One-Time URL
You have to configure an ApiKey on Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server in order to use this method.
These are some situations in which the One-Time-URL might be useful:
a. Giving access to a desktop to external users without having to weaken the Security level to None.
b. Generating a temporary access to a desktop.
c. Integrating Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server on a Single-Sign-On Scheme along with external applications.

How it works:
1. First, you need to ask Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server to generate the URL for you. Call Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server server following this URL format:


2. The queryString should be built with all parameters listed below:

    apikey= &apiuser= &model= &plen= &expires=

Find on the table below a description for each required parameter:
How to configure One-Time URL in Thinfinity Remote Desktop Server
On the next topics you can find out other parameters you can use to Configure the connection and Enable features.
3. If Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server gets to authenticate with the parameters sent on the queryString, it will return a One-Time-URL that will allow you to establish an RDP connection with the remote desktop.


Concatenate the Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server address to the generated URL, following this format below:


This way, the URL will be ready to be used. You can redirect your application to the desktop connection through it, or even send it to an external user by e-mail.

You will find an HTML/ajax example inside the application installation directory, under the ‘webrdp’ folder. The file is named oturltest.html and implements the features covered on this topic.

In conclusion, One-Time URL offers a useful way to extend web-enhanced applications to new scenarios. We are fully convinced that you will greatly benefit from this Thinfinity Remote Desktop Server feature.

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