How to install Thinfinity VirtualUI

Installing Thinfinity VirtualUI v2.5 for the first time is pretty simple. It is pretty much a “next, next” installation.

There are just a few things you have to take into account. Let’s see check the installation steps:

1. Open up the setup file (previously downloaded from this page), on the first screen just click Next:

Install Thinfinity VirtualUI

2. Click “I accept the terms in the license agreement” and then “Next”:

Install Thinfinity VirtualUI

3. In this screen leave “Thinfinity VirtualUI Server” and “Development Environment” selected and press ‘Next’.

Install Thinfinity VirtualUI

4. Leave “Standard Mode selected and click “Next”.

Install Thinfinity VirtualUI

5. If you wish to choose a different folder press “Change”, otherwise you can go to “Next” directly:

Install Thinfinity VirtualUI

6. Hit “Install”.

Install Thinfinity VirtualUI

7. After it ends, press “Finish”.

Install Thinfinity VirtualUI

In your start menu, you should have a new icon for “Thinfinity VirtualUI”.

Install Thinfinity VirtualUI

Given that it’s the first time you use the software, the first screen you will see is:

Install Thinfinity VirtualUI

Select “Get a new Trial Serial Number” and press “Next”.

Fill your name and e-mail address and press “Next”, make sure this PC has internet access, otherwise contact so they can provide you with a trial key:

Install Thinfinity VirtualUI

You should instantly get an e-mail with a trial key and will be redirected to the screen below where you can enter this information:

Install Thinfinity VirtualUI

If the registration was successful, you’ll see:

Install Thinfinity VirtualUI

If not, please contact

Just hit “Finish” and you’ll see your license registered:

Install Thinfinity VirtualUI

Now it’s time to publish your Windows apps!

NOTE: This is a first-time setup guide ideal for a quick trial. If you need to deploy Thinfinity VirtualUI in a large environment, you should take a look at this guide.

Should you need any assistance configuring Thinfinity VirtualUI, contact us at or leave a message on this same post.

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Comments (10)

Claudio Corrêa Martins

I did not receive a serial number in my e_mail to test the product.

Dear Claudio,

We did send the key to try Thinfinity VirtualUI.
Any chance you got the email captured by your anti-spam filter?
Please check your mail again.

You can always write to or open a chat session to request the trial to be sent to you again.

I do not get the serialnumber

Dear David,

We sent you an email and we await your response. Any chance you got the email captured by your anti-spam filter?
Please check your mail again.

Otherwise, please open a chat session to request the trial.

David, have you received it ? Is it serious this offer?

Hi Daniel! We offer a free trial key to anyone who wants to test our software.
If you wish to try Thinfinity VirtualUI or any other application, contact us.

I installed on current Windows 10 with VC2019 as directed, non-load balanced server and dev environment. I did get the trial serial number successfully activated. Starting the app gives your “Welcome” splash, but start web browser just brings up a Firefox 73.0 window of “Application Load Failed – license not found”, and after a delay the Winform starts as usual on the desktop. Please advise?

Hi John,
I see that you got a response from our tech team.
Just in case others experience the same error, let me paste here the link to the guide to register VirtualUI v2.5 license:

Best regards,

Francisco Rafael Andrada

Hi all,
I am using an xBase language called Harbor plus the Minigui graphics library.
I want to know what modifications I must make to the source program to use Thinfinity-Virtualui.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Francisco,

Thanks for contacting us.

Here is a small project for xBase that ir ready for VirtualUI that might help:

If you need any assistance, don’t hestita to contact so one of our reps can help you with this.

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