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Improved printing procedure and new Google Cloud Print support in Thinfinity® VirtualUI™

The adoption of HTML5 in all major web browsers helped to get a quite unified behavior across them. But there still persist some weaknesses mostly when it comes to access to peripherals like disks or printers.

Unfortunately, as of today, there is no way to print a document to the local printer straight from javascript. The workaround was to install a PDF printer on the remote machine and send the produced PDF document to the local web browser for previewing and final printing. But some weaknesses still linger, mostly when it comes to accessing peripherals like disks or printers. Until now.

In the latest build we changed the printing procedure, doing some behind-the-scene magic to overcome the differences between the existing web browsers and cut down on steps as much as we could. Also, as a big bonus, we added support for Google Cloud Print.

Let’s see how the procedure now goes:

From the Windows application you send a document to print as usual. If you’re prompted to select a device, choose the Thinfinity VirtualUI printer.

The first time you perform this step, you will see on the web browser an optional print-preview screen, showing the document in PDF format and with two options:

  • Direct Print, to print to a local printer,
  • Google Cloud Print, to send the print job to any printer registered to a Google account.

If you choose Direct Print and click OK, the native printer’s setup dialog will be presented. Otherwise, when you choose Google Cloud Print, the GPC dialog will show up, letting you pick one of the local or remote printers you previously registered to your Google account.

Finally, there is a “Bypass this dialog” checkbox, that in future printings will let you go directly to the printer’s page setup dialog (if you previously chose Direct Print) or to the GPC dialog (if you previously chose GCP).

Printing Dialog Checkboxes

Fewer steps and more work done with Thinfinity VirtualUI.

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Comments (3)

Printing works fine. But…
I test delphi application on Windows 8.1 x64 + VirtualUI x86
but found this bugs :
1) Resizing MDI form – main form instead resized
2) Sometimes application stop answer user input ( in Task Manager of
Windows we see – NO RESPONDING). It happens during open form in
application, and look like random case, because 10 times open fine and
on 11 – frozen.

Hello Max,
Thanks for the note. I have reported your inquiry to our support team and they will send you a response by email (to the email address you provided) shortly.
We appreciate your input!

I send you test application to reproduce the problem

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