Customizing Thinfinity VirtualUIThree weeks ago we released Thinfinity VirtualUI v1.1. This new version includes important changes in the software architecture. One of the additions is the possibility to use multiple Remote Desktop Server (RDS) accounts simultaneously. With this feature, VirtualUI can create more instances of each remotable application and distribute them across different Windows sessions.

Multiple sessions architecture explained

The scheme below shows the basic multiple RDS architecture implemented in a single computer. The VirtualUI Broker, running in the Service session, opens an RDS session for each RDS account specified in the VirtualUI Server Manager. In each of these sessions, an instantiated VirtualUI Server can, in turn, handle several application instances independently.
The VirtualUI Broker administrates the server instances. It checks up on them to make sure they are functional, and it works together with the VirtualUI Gateway to distribute the connections among them.
Thinfinity VirtualUI running multiple RDS sessionsThis capability can be combined with a load balancing architecture, making the most out of your deployment.

Adding multiple RDS accounts

In order to enable multiple RDS accounts, go to the ‘RDS’ tab in the VirtualUI Server Manager and press the ‘Add’ button.
Adding RDS Accounts
When adding an account in the RDS tab, you can choose between already existing accounts or use the account that VirtualUI will suggest. If the account suggested by VirtualUI does not exist, it will be created. In any case, the account must have administrator permissions and must allow remote access.
The RDS sessions specified in this tab will be opened by the Broker when Thinfinity VirtualUI starts. Each of them will handle a Server and several independent application instances.
Multiple RDS sessions will allow a single computer to overcome some system limitations and handle more concurrent connections than was previously possible.
Summing up, this feature makes a better use of your computer resources and improves the service availability at all times. Enable it to enhance your VirtualUI implementation.

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