Register your License on VirtualUI Broker Servers

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To register your Thinfinity VirtualUI license on the Broker Servers, you need to open the Thinfinity VirtualUI Manager on each of them.
You’ll be prompted to activate your Production Server* license.
NOTE: If you do not have a license yet, contact us.
Click on “Add” and the Product Registration Wizard will be displayed.
Register your license on the Broker Servers
Choose “Activate a Serial Number Online” and click “Next”:
Register your license on the Broker Servers
Now, you need to enter the same Email and Serial that you activated on the License Server Manager, and the IP Address and Port that the License Server Manager is listening to (Port:7443 by default).
Register your license on the Broker Servers
When the license is matched to the one the License Server has activated, you’ll see the following message:
Register your license on the Broker Servers
And that’s it! We have now successfully configured Thinfinity VirtualUI’s Load Balancing.
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