Windows apps to web
By adopting Thinfinity VirtualUI, you can make your Windows applications accessible from the Web, keeping the same interface and features you have on the Desktop version.
But what if you need to take a step further and change the look & feel?
Do your users aim for a mobile-compatible version of your software?
A PRO Developer License enables Javascript Remote Objects (jsRO), the framework we designed to resolve these needs. Want to know more about jsRO? Check this article we wrote for you.
Unlock the Power of jsRO with this 50% OFF coupon!
Today we released a great offer: get your Thinfinity VirtualUI PRO Developer License with a 50% OFF. Buy your seat for only $74.50 with this coupon: T-DAYVirtualUI
Review our Thinfinity VirtualUI product page and contact us if you have any questions or need guidance about the best way to take your application to the Web. We also invite you to read this CodeProject article about Thinfinity VirtualUI.
Remember, the 50% OFF offer is valid until December 9th, 2017! Happy THINsgiving!

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