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A New z/Scope Anywhere is Arriving

Terminal Emulator for browserA lot has been going on lately in Cybele Software, and the big news is, without a doubt, the reworking of one of our flagship products, our Terminal Emulator for browser: z/Scope Anywhere.

This new incarnation of our Terminal Emulator for the Web brings several expected features and it’s easier to try:


  • New printer terminal support.
    • Integrated printer emulation: TN3287 and TN3812 printing terminals support implemented. Send print jobs to your browser-side printer, or download them to a file.
    • Easier access to printing job files: printing queues, print preview, and more.


  • New integration possibilities.
    • Direct access to the emulation screen through a dedicated virtual path per connection. Facilitate integration by allowing the user to bypass the landing page.
    • HLLAPI.js: new HLLAPI javascript interface to handle the integration of programmatic access from external applications to z/Scope.
    • Discardable connection URLs: by using One Time URL (OTURL) you can create a temporary, unique URL to provide single time access to a specific connection. This URL expires as soon as it’s used or after a specific period of time.
    • Secured access comes in many flavours: z/Scope Anywhere now provides multiple authentication options, including a simplified Single Sing-On. Enable access for end-users via one or more of these authentication methods: Logon, OAuth/2 (Google, Facebook, etc), RADIUS or customize the authentication process using a new provided security API.


  • Updated and flexible authentication scheme.
    • Provide anonymous access to connections, avoiding the login process.
    • Combine authenticated and anonymous access connections for logged in users.


  • Four connections running on grid mode.New and enhanced user interface.
    • New navigation and connection views. Classic, Coverflow, Gallery and Grid modes available.
    • Open new connections on different tabs or manage them within the z/Scope environment.
    • Create Display, Printer or Display and Printer connections.
    • z/Scope Anywhere iOS app
    • New z/Scope Anywhere iOS app


This is only the big picture of what the new z/Scope Anywhere brings.

We’ve launched the first Beta version of z/Scope Anywhere 8 today and you can download it here. This new version of our existing HTML5 terminal emulator is more powerful and versatile than ever,  and in a few days we will be telling you more about it.

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Integration possibilities mentioned here. Can it help to integrate legacy with the Open system side as well. Say, by giving some specific parameters for the connection. Will it be able to get integrated with the systems with front end screens in distributed environment

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