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Thinfinity® VirtualUI™ beta 4 released

Cybele Software, Inc. is proud to announced the release of a new beta build of Thinfinity® VirtualUI™, which includes additional enhancements and bug fixes.


New Feature since Beta 3
– Added support to open external links in the application.
– Added support for Access 2000 /VBA applications.

Fixes since Beta 3
– Fixed resizing errors.
– Fixed app taking browser resolution after resizing in Delphi2007.
– Fixed resolution configured on the “Profile Editor” not passed to the application.
– Fixed printing error in a Developer Express application.
– Fixed screen refresh error on grids with much info.
– Fixed error when an Acrobat Reader dll is invoked.
– Fixed refresh error when scrolling dataset with arrow buttons.
– Fixed Pop-up menu not minimizing in Delphi2007.
– Fixed error running dev mode with Framework 3.5.
– Fixed drawing errors.
– Fixed mouse issues with Easy-ip Client and RibbonNotepadDemo in DevExpress.
– Fixed crash when exiting application.
– Fixed TabSheet disappears if Form2 is closed from closing icon.
– Fixed duplicated characters input on mobile.
– Fixed error showing the app as if it were running on a mobile on Internet Explorer 11.
– Fixed Access Violation error when performing VirtualUI.Start(), VirtualUI.Stop() in a Delphi app.
– Fixed application hanging when running Virtual.Start from the GUI of the app (DevMode).
– Fixed FControls.UpdateZIndexes failure when updating.
– Fixed clipboard error.
– Fixed grey menu error on mobile devices.
– Fixed caption buttons on MDI applications.
– Fixed error when closing application in Delphi 7.


Note: uninstall the previous build before installing the new one.

Please send us an e-mail with your feedback and a report about any bug you may find to support@cybelesoft.com

Setup files for Windows 8/2012 64-bit:

Setup files for Windows 8/2012 32-bit:

This Thinfinity® VirtualUI™ Beta version is valid until September 30, 2014.

Product Page: https://www.cybelesoft.com/Thinfinity/VirtualUI/
White paper: Download Thinfinity VirtualUI White Paper
Online manual: https://www.cybelesoft.com/manuals/thinfinity/virtualui

For more information about Thinfinity™ Virtual UI, contact Cybele Software, Inc.
3422 Old Capitol Trail, Suite 1125
Wilmington, DE – 19808, USA.
Phone: (302) 892-9625 or (866) 462-9768 (USA & Canada)
Email: info@cybelesoft.com
Website: www.cybelesoft.com



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Comments (3)

Estoy investigando esto de Thinfinity UI, para delphi, y mi duda es como hago para descargar un achivo desde mi aplicacion , la cual en algunos casos genero un archivo de excel desde una pantalla pero no se como hago para que el usuario la tenga. Y ademas uso las Libreiras DevExpress, que pasa para imprimir? o para los archvos que genera a excel?.
Aclaro uso Delphi 200 Xe5 y ahora compre Xe10

¡Hola Luis!

Gracias por preguntar acerca de Thinfinity VirtualUI.
Puede encontrar información al respecto en estas entradas del blog:

Manage Files in Thinfinity VirtualUI apps

Download files from VirtualUI web-enabled apps

Los archivos le llegarán al usuario en el formato que desee como una descarga de archivos normal.

Respecto a impresión, puede encontrar información aquí:

Improved printing procedure and new Google Cloud Print support in Thinfinity® VirtualUI™

Espero que este material pueda servir de ayuda.

Ante cualquier necesidad no dude en escribirnos a support@cybelesoft.com para más detalles.

I’ve been testing/using your stable Thinfinity ver 2.5 release with MS Access 2013 (.MDB file) , and noticed that it leaves an active .ldb file (record-locking) when the database file opens with your “StartVirtualUI” VBA code. The .ldb file remains active even when the original .mdb file closes (either within the Access IDE or through the webpage). Typically that would be fine, but I noticed that the .MDB file has become fragile: 1). Closes MS Access inadvertently when I code or edit a form, and 2). Causes MS Access to malfunction when “Compact and Close” is done (i.e., MS Access closes the MDB but does not re-open it, as it should).

I’m uncertain and will keep on testing, but have you encountered these issues before? And are these addressed in a Beta release?

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