Thinfinity VirtualUI beta 6 released

Cybele Software, Inc. is proud to announced the release of a new beta build of Thinfinity® VirtualUI™, which includes additional enhancements and bug fixes.

Thinfinity VirtualUI Windows Apps to Web

The most important enhancements and bug fixes since Beta 5 are:

* Added detection of ‘cachable’ images.

* Added ability to configure a custom page per application.

* Added browse button to find certificate files.

* Added hints and warnings when compiling VirtualUI_SDK.pas

* Added support for Delphi XE7.

* Added new parameters to DownloadFile

* Fixed cursor on editable field not showing in .NET

* Fixed caret displayed when not editing in development mode.

* Fixed progress bar not showing.

* Fixed ‘404 not found’ message when printing.

* Fixed ‘session ended’ message showing when running a new build.

* Fixed child window positioning when maximized.

* Fixed Access Violation with OpenFile dialog.

* Fixed ‘Connection attempt failed’ error when not setting Virtual Path.

* Fixed artefacts remaining after showing/hiding a TdxDockPanel.

* Fixed prompt for re-submit data message when clicking refresh on the application page.

* Fixed close button drawing error.

* Fixed closing docked-window hang with DevExpress.

* Fixed VirtualUI.OnBrowserResize event not firing when the form is displayed.

* Fixed incorrect color in-between docking windows in TdxDockSite in DevExpress.

* Fixed cursor disappearing when opening HTML pop-ups.

* Fixed icons showing on applications window that shouldn’t.

* Fixed SystemMenu not showing in server mode.

* Fixed right-click on caption bar hangs the application.

* Fixed backspace not working on Android.

* Fixed double click not working on the icon of the application in the caption.

* Enhanced dragging with maximized windows.

* Fixed “List Index out of Bound(0)” error.

* Fixed minimize-restore-close buttons disappearing when maximizing the window in mobile.

* Fixed persistent cache not working in Firefox.

* Fixed remote caption not being updated properly.

* Fixed drawing error with window borders.

* Fixed Upload dialog firing multiple upload of the same file.

* Fixed double cursors in server mode.

* Fixed character input error in Delphi7.

* Fixed non configurable clipboard format.

* Fixed edit caret appearing on the screen randomly.


Download Thinfinity® VirtualUI™

Please report bugs, suggestions and any general feedback to [email protected]. We appreciate your feedback and bug report!

For more information about Thinfinity™ Virtual UI, contact Cybele Software, Inc.
3422 Old Capitol Trail, Suite 1125
Wilmington, DE – 19808, USA.
Phone: (302) 892-9625 or (866) 462-9768 (USA & Canada)
Email: [email protected]

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Comments (14)

How do I print via browser , via a hosted APPLICATION Thinfinity® VirtualUI

Thanks for your inquiry, Elter.
You should use VirtualUI’s remote printer. You can find more information following this link:
Let us know if you still have questions after reading it.

What reporting tools do Thinfinity® VirtualUI supported?

Hello Tony.
It should support any reporting tool that goes with the exe.
For example, if you develop in Delphi, you can use FastReports, ReportBuilder, QuickReport, etc
I hope this helps!

Hello. Just discovered the product thru your kickstarter page. The product archtecture page says a server service is needed. Can I test the beta without the server part ?

I ask this because the VirtualUi server checkbox is grayed out in the installer …

Yes, you can. But you will only be able to use the developer part of VirtualUI.
And it’s grayed out because you may have installed it in Windows 2008 or Windows 7 (the server machine must be Window 2012 or Windows 8)

Yes my own machine it was a windows vista. If I was less enthousiast I woul have taken some time to rad the installer requirements ;). I have setup a windows server 2012 now, it works. Lets test this beta. Thanks 🙂

No problem! Have fun testing it!

Hi, do you have a link or a mail address where we can send feedback about the beta ?

Sure! Send us your feedback to: [email protected]

I’m a Delphi XE7 developer and I’m evaluating your product.
It just expired and my customer is evaluating my application with Thinfinity. I just send several emails, but I’m not sure you’re getting them. Any advice?
Best regards,

Hi Clément,
We receive your emails, but when we try to reply your server sends an error (email blocked).
Please check your server filters to make sure you can get our responses or contact us using another email account (from other service provider).
If you need more help you can give us a call or chat with us here:

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