All about the new ThinVNC

ThinVNC Screen Sharing viewThinVNC, one of the very first web-based remote access solutions ever known, has been adapted to get integrated with Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol providing this popular application with a clientless, HTML5 RDP client.

ThinVNC was built from the ground up taking full advantage of AJAX, JSON, and HTML5 technologies. By implementing a number of techniques not available in the traditional protocol, it achieves a remarkable performance, rivaling any traditional VNC.

From day zero, users found it to be a simple, secure, and firewall-friendly VNC alternative to enjoy remote access anywhere.

While the highly-valued essential web desktop sharing features remain, we’ve changed the brand name, so the new Thinfinity VNC introduces many changes compared to previous “ThinVNC” versions.

After installing the most recent version, the users will notice that the main page now offers three connection modes: Remote Desktop (via RDP), Screen Sharing, and File Transfer.

Version v4.0 includes these new options to cover any basic scenario where remote access and data transmission become a need:

  • telecommuting
  • remote assistance
  • online presentations
  • file transfers

With its new capabilities, our web RDP & screen sharing client fulfills all these needs without requiring any setup or configuration on the client-side. After installing the Thinfinity VNC on the computer you wish to access, you can open any major browser on any computer or device and browse into the remote PC. The web client supports all HTML5 compliant browsers, like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.

Try Thinfinity VNC now! It works like a charm!

Comments (3)

Michael,That’s phenominal. I too use RDP on a daily basis when woiknrg with clients. I’ve always relied on mapping drives, and using correct credentials etc etc. I can’t believe I never saw this. Thanks for bringing it up!C

thank you, maybe i am asking to much, but can you pealse give me a link, i spent nearly 3 hours and can still not fix the problem, maybe it is because of my MAC.

There is no statement here or main web site that ThinVNC cab be used as server on those PC behind router.(unable to put port forward).Only TeamViewer can do it but all communications must go through them.

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