How to Set up the Remote Desktop Web Service Analytics
In the previous post we discussed the Thinfinity Remote Desktop Web service modules. In this article, we will show you how to set up the ThinRDPWS-Query web service demo for .Net.
Check that you are running the latest Remote Desktop version or update your server setup.

The ThinRDPWS-Query demo

The ThinRDPWS-Query demo was developed in C# to present the many integration possibilities the Analytics Web Service provides you. This application shows Thinfinity Remote Desktop Server activity information concerning logins, sessions, connections, and browsers used to access remote computers at several time intervals.

Checking the Web service status and port

Before running the application, please check the Services system dialog to see if the Thinfinity Remote Desktop WebService Admin Tool service is started.
Thinfinity Remote Desktop WebService in the Windows Services Panel
Open the Thinfinity Remote Desktop WebService Admin Tool and verify the port the web service is listening on. In this case, the port is 8499. Also, you can see the service status message at the General tab bottom line.
Thinfinity Remote Desktop WebService Admin Tool

Setting up the application

Look for the ThinRDPWS-Query solution in the Thinfinity Remote Desktop WebService Demos in the Windows Start menu.
Select the QuerySvc item from the Service References folder at the Solution Explorer and then select the Configure Service Reference… option from the contextual menu.
Thinfinity Remote Desktop WebServices - Selecting the web service
Please check the client address in the Service Reference Settings dialog, using the IP address (or the hostname) and port the web service is listening on.
Thinfinity Remote Desktop WebServices - Editing the web service settings
Press OK to save the settings.
You are now ready to run the application and look into the statistical information provided by the web service.
Thinfinity Remote Desktop WebService - Analytics demo running
Select one of the time span options presented in the upper radio buttons to filter the statistic records. Click on any of the available tabs —Logins, Sessions, Connections or Browsers— and press the Refresh button. The analytics data will be displayed on the tab grid.
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