WebFMX now becomes Thinfinity VirtualUI

Thinfinity VirtualUICybele Software, Inc. announces the release of Thinfinity VirtualUI, which now becomes a natural upgrade for WebFMX v1.0.

Thinfinity VirtualUI, will open many doors for any FireMonkey developers that previously adopted WebFMX. Programmers can still create dual-platform Windows/HTML5 applications by adding only one line of code to their existing projects written in any language supporting Win32, GDI/GDI+ API, and ActiveX/COM.

Thinfinity VirtualUI redirects Windows calls and drawing commands to the remote HTML5 canvas. Desktop-based applications can be run as usual on a Windows environment, or be installed on a VirtualUI Server environment and accessed remotely from any HTML5-compliant Web browser.

The License Scheme

Thinfinity VirtualUI is licensed by concurrent users, you can review the price table here.

Plus, with the purchase of a Thinfinity VirtualUI PRO Developer License (only $149, one-time fee) any programmer can improve, modernize and repurpose the old Windows-based apps to match a new web-based environment. Thinfinity VirtualUI makes full web integration of desktop applications possible, giving endless possibilities for enhancement!

Would you like to read more and try all the PRO features of Thinfinity VirtualUI for free for 30 days? Click here to learn how to take windows apps to web.

Are you still running an old WebFMX server? Contact us to know more about your upgrade options.

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