Extend green-screen applications
using rich web interfaces

Get a new, enhanced end-user experience (UX) with a rich UI, extended navigation and external datasource integration.
Modernize whole applications or parts of them without altering the standard application access or behavior.

Create supercharged macros and
web widgets using Javascript

The HLLAPI Javascript library provides a subset of the de facto standard IBM HLLAPI specification, adapted to the web browser.
Specialized Javascript Framework that provides high-level two-way data access to the terminal screen, full WebUI/host-screen synchronization, screen identification rules, high-level navigators, etc.

Competitive advantages

No extra expenses
HLLAPI.js and HostSurfer.js are included on your z/Scope Anywhere permanent license.
Standard JS compatible
HLLAPI.js and HostSurfer.js are written in pure Javascript. Combine vanilla Javascript or any other popular Javascript framework.
Short learning curve
With HostSurfer you don't need to hire highly specialized developers. Any Javascript developer will master the technology in no time.
Build long-term solutions
Based in cutting-edge technologies, HostSurfer ensures solid applications for today and for the future.
Extend your apps to the web
Turn data from any green-screen application into web and mobile experiences
Enhance employee productivity
Reduce de learning curve and optimize training time for new employees by updating your application front end and getting a more friendly user experience.

Tailor-made assistance for your project

With over 20 years of experience in Mainframe Modernization, Legacy Extension and Web Enablement, we know that extending a legacy app to new interfaces can become a real challenge.
That's why we've count with a collaborative support platform to provide live assistance to your project. Let's schedule a free Custom Demo so we can show you the advantages of adopting HostSurfer.