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The Challenges of virtualizing graphic-intensive GPU applications

The Challenges of virtualizing graphically demanding applications

The digital world we operate in today is no longer confined to static content composed of text and stationary images. Video streaming and applications that demand high graphic utilization for 3D imagery and so on are now commonplace. Thanks to the consumerization of the enterprise, users now have high expectations when it comes to these graphical screen experiences. When it comes to remote access, the challenge is how to ensure the remote delivery of these GPU heavyweight applications to your users, even when they are thousands of miles away. For many organizations, it is one of the remaining obstacles hindering them from completing their full digital transformation.

  • In this whitepaper you will learn:
  • How Thinfinity H264 technology lets you edit video remotely
  • How you can replace your design workstation with a more modernized cloud solution
  • How to access your design stations remotely regardless of location

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