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Enhance Microsoft
Remote Desktop Services

Enhance Microsoft Remote Desktop Services

Deliver your Windows applications and desktops anywhere and on any device.

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Enhance Microsoft Remote Desktop Services

Enhance your RDS experience with advanced functionalities, streamlining IT management

Windows Applications

Desktop & Client Server-icon

Access any Windows app, anywhere. Stream directly to your browser, no downloads needed. Grant secure access to authorized users only. Enjoy a familiar experience with touch gestures, multitasking, and direct printing.

Desktops & Terminals

Terminal Based-icon

 Manage any device (Windows, Linux, macOS) and legacy terminals (SSH, Telnet) directly in your browser. No separate tools needed. This streamlines IT operations, centralizes resource control, and boosts user experience.

Zero Trust Remote Access

Comprehensive Security-icon

Achieve secure, scalable remote access without complex setups. Advanced encryption protects data, role-based access ensures control, and existing authentication systems integrate effortlessly for a unified user experience.

Elevate your RDS to the Cloud

Embrace hybrid and multi-cloud deployment options for ultimate flexibility and customization

Thinfinity On premises Deployment. Your Infrastructure, Enhanced Security, and Unmatched Efficiency

Your Infrastructure, Enhanced Security, and Unmatched Efficiency

Self-Managed and Comprehensive
A robust digital workspace solution fully hosted within your on-premises infrastructure, ensuring unparalleled control and privacy.

Versatile Hosting
Seamlessly integrate Thinfinity into your existing on-premises servers or private cloud, aligning with your infrastructure needs without compromise.

Cost-Effective Scalability
Experience the most secure, scalable digital workspace with the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership, perfectly complementing your existing infrastructure and identity management systems.

Thinfinity Hybrid Deployment. Blend the Best of Cloud and On-Premises

Blend the Best of Cloud and On-Premises

Unified Digital Experience
Seamlessly combine public cloud capabilities with on-premises resources for a cohesive digital workspace that evolves with your business.

Future-Proof and Scalable
Expand your computing solutions on-demand, ensuring they grow and adapt to meet your ever-changing business needs.

Investment Preservation
Leverage and enhance your existing legacy infrastructure investments with adaptable and flexible deployment options, ensuring no resource is left behind.

Thinfinity Cloud Deployment. Secure, Agile, and Cloud-Agnostic

Secure, Agile, and Cloud-Agnostic

Universal Cloud Compatibility
Engineered for seamless operation across any cloud or multi-cloud setup, delivering secure and efficient digital workspaces from anywhere.

Built-In Enhanced Security
Capitalize on the advanced security features of leading cloud infrastructure providers, making Thinfinity deployments resilient against evolving cyber threats.

Adaptability for Rapid Environments
Ideal for high-paced business settings, offering the flexibility and speed needed to keep up with the demands of modern workspaces.

Thinfinity Fully Hosted Deployment. Effortless Deployment, Zero Infrastructure Hassle

Effortless Deployment, Zero Infrastructure Hassle

Turnkey Digital Workspace
Eliminate the complexities of infrastructure costs and deployment challenges with a fully managed, cloud-based digital workspace solution.

Comprehensive VDI Solution
Beyond cloud infrastructure, embrace VDI for a variety of needs, including virtual applications, enhanced with Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and Privileged Access Management (PAM), ensuring secure and flexible access.

Enhanced Security and Efficiency
Centralize users, applications, and data in a secure, compliant environment that boosts IT efficiency and protects against cyber threats.

True Multi-Cloud RDS Management with Comprehensive Features

Unlock the full potential of your RDS environments by seamlessly integrating them with leading cloud providers.




True multi-cloud admin

Very limited


Transparent multi-cloud provisioning

Not available

On prem, Azure, GCP, AWS, Ionos Cloud

Dynamic scaling, with ease


Yes, Scale resources Based On Schedule or Demand across multiple clouds

Infrastructure support


On-premises, cloud (Azure, AWS, GCP, Ionos), Hybrid

Native Zero Trust Network Access

NO, VPN or External gateway Required

Yes, Native ZTNA Gateway. No VPN Required

Embrace unparalleled flexibility and control

Manage your RDS deployments across diverse cloud environments, giving you the freedom to choose the perfect platform based on your specific needs and requirements.


Enjoy effortless scalability
Leverage the limitless scalability of the cloud to effortlessly adapt your RDS environment to fluctuating workloads, ensuring optimal performance and resource utilization.

Optimize costs and efficiency
Benefit from the cost-effective pricing models and resource management capabilities of the cloud, streamlining your operations and reducing overall IT expenses.

Simplify deployment and management
Experience seamless integration and unified management across all your cloud and on-premises RDS deployments, minimizing complexity and streamlining administrative tasks.




User session metrics

No live session data

Live session data available

Audit logs and SIEM integration


Extensive; supports integration with various SIEM solutions

Load balancing remote access

RD Gateway and 3rd party

Secure gateway with integrated load balancing + support for 3rd party load balancers

Decentralized architecture (Secondary brokers)

Not supported

Yes; enables flexible deployment and scalability across networks.

Active Directory

Microsoft AD

Microsoft AD, Azure AD (IdP)

SSO/IDP integration

Limited; relies primarily on Active Directory

Yes; integrates seamlessly with any IdP using SAML, OAuth, or RADIUS

ole-based permission enforcement


Yes, with granular control and policy management

FSLogix integrated management



Empower Users, Simplify Management: Eliminate Complexity

Streamlined Operations
Thinfinity’s built-in features like secure gateway with integrated load balancing and centralized user management significantly reduce administrative overhead.

Seamless Integration
Thinfinity integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, including Active Directory and other identity providers, minimizing disruptions and simplifying deployment.

Decentralized Architecture
Deploy Thinfinity’s secondary brokers for greater flexibility and scalability, adapting to evolving needs.




SSL/TLS Certificate Management



Integrated multi-factor authentication (MFA)

No (third party only)


Reverse connections (No Inbound Ports)



Web Application Gateway (WAG)



Role-based permission enforcement (RBAC)



Single sign-on (SSO) integration



Privileged Access Management (PAM)



Auditing of reverting of admin actions



Image template management



Extensive audit logging and SIEM integration



Enhance security and simplify IT management

Fortify your infrastructure
Leverage features like reverse connections, and Web Application Gateway support to create a robust security posture.

Simplify user access
Implement multi-factor authentication and role-based access control to ensure secure and efficient access control for users.

Streamline administration
Manage all aspects of user access and security through a centralized console, minimizing IT workload and simplifying management tasks.




Universal Printing

Limited, Needs Client installation

Yes, Clientless

Drag and drop

Limited, Needs Client installation

Yes, Clientless

Printing to remote Printer

Limited, Needs Client installation

Yes, Clientless

Printing Redirection (Network printers, Bulk Printing, POS, Labels)

Limited, Needs Client installation

Yes, Clientless

Raw Printing (POS Labels)

Limited, Needs Client installation

Yes, Clientless

Scanners & Industrial Scanners subject to WebUSB support. *

Limited, Needs Client installation

Yes, Clientless

Multi-Monitor Support

Limited, Needs Client installation

Yes, Clientless

Clipboard Redirection: Copy and Paste text, Rich text, Images & Files

Limited, Needs Client installation

Yes, Clientless

File Transfer: Upload & Downloads

Limited, Needs Client installation

Yes, Clientless

*For specific scenarios, a lightweight client may be required.

Enhanced Efficiency and User Experience

Thinfinity empowers a seamless and productive work experience with features designed to boost efficiency and user satisfaction.


Device-Independent Access
Work from anywhere, on any device (laptop, tablet, smartphone) using any HTML5-compatible web browser – no client installation required. This promotes BYOD and simplifies remote work setups.

Streamlined Workflows
Clientless clipboard redirection (text, rich text, images, files) and file transfer (upload/download) enable effortless interaction between local devices and remote sessions, saving valuable time.

Intuitive User Experience
Enjoy a familiar and user-centric design with features like clientless multi-monitor support and clientless peripheral support (including various scanners).

Reduced IT Burden
Eliminate the need for client software deployment and updates, simplifying management and reducing workload for IT admins.

Broader Clientless Peripheral Compatibility
Thinfinity supports a wider range of clientless peripherals compared to RDS, offering greater flexibility for specific user needs.

Why Choose Thinfinity Workspace to Enhance Your RDS Deployment?

Deploy Anywhere-icon

Deploy Anywhere

Choose from on-premises, hybrid, cloud (Azure, AWS, GCP, Ionos Cloud), or a multi-cloud approach to fit your unique deployment needs.


Device-Agnostic Access

Users can work from any device (laptop, tablet, smartphone) using any HTML5-compatible web browser, eliminating the need for client software installation.

Centralized Control-icon

Centralized Control

Manage all aspects of your Thinfinity Workspace deployment from a single console, simplifying administration and reducing IT workload.

Reduced Complexity

Eliminate the need for client software deployment and updates, minimizing ongoing maintenance tasks.

Security icon

Zero-Trust Approach

Grant access only to authorized users and minimize the attack surface with Thinfinity's zero-trust security model.

Cost Effective 02-icon

Optimized Resource Utilization

Reduce licensing costs and improve resource utilization compared to traditional RDS solutions.

Migrate to Thinfinity Workspace today

Experience how easy it is to eliminate the cost and complexity of VDI while simplifying the virtual delivery of your apps.

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