Provide a local-like experience to your user like never before

With the new features of Thinfinity Remote Desktop 6.0, users will feel like being at their desktop, no matter
where and with what device they are connecting from.

Web Manager

Manage every aspect of the user creation process from our new web manager. Allow your users to create profiles in a more intuitive way using step by step wizards to create each connection.

Native Authentication

In addition to providing Remote AD authentication support, we have now included a Directory Services API. With this new feature you will be able to authenticate with multiple user systems such as SQL, Firebase, etc. This will provide you with extra flexibility and the most secure alternative to allow remote connections to your applications.

Direct File

Thinfinity® Remote Desktop v6.0 now includes a web bridge for file transfer that gives users a one-step direct download or upload to the remote machine or application. RemoteApps can now be configured to redirect downloads straight to your local machine.

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HD Remote streaming


Get the best of your GPU applications running remotely. Thinfinity now streams all the video content and graphic content using H264 which increases the performance and resource optimization on the remote machine. Gives remote users the ability to stream GPU-intensive applications straight from the cloud while retaining the same robust local-like desktop experience they’ve come to expect.

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Profiles Rest API - Remote Desktop 6.0
Profiles Rest API

Every profile related feature available on the new Thinfinity Web Manager can now be used to be called from external implementations. With Rest API you can easily create, remove, modify users as well as assign permissions, set groups, access hours, etc.

Multi Cloud Support

Decentralize your deployments and create access to multiple clouds directly from the Thinfinity portal. Access completely closed networks without changing firewall rules or exposing any native host ports to the internet.

Bi-directional Audio

Bi-directional audio allows you to seamlessly use your local audio input on a remote machine. This is specially useful for integrations with Voice Calling applications such as Teams, Zoom, VoIP clients. Thinfinity becomes the ideal solution for virtual call centers.

Wake on LAN
on LAN

Conveniently wake up sleeping machines at any time in order to provide remote access to your resources even if they are not available at a given time. Once WOL is enabled, the remote computer can be awakened by sending Magic Packet.

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