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Thinfinity® Workspace Standard

Formerly Remote Desktop

Deliver your Windows applications and desktops anywhere and on any device.

Publish Windows Applications, Desktops, and Terminals

pc applications and remote desktops

Windows applications

  • Give access to any Windows Remote App from any HTML5-compatible web browser.
  • Get total control over who can access them.
  • Supports native gestures, multi-tasking, and remote printing.

Desktops and terminals

  • Deliver RDP/VNC Windows, Linux, and MacOS desktops.
  • Let open SSH and telnet terminals on any web browser.
  • Access them from any HTML5 web browser, with nothing to install on the client-side.
online folders

Remote access

  • Easy integration with VDI Hypervisors. Virtualized environments in a few simple steps.
  • Provide secure remote access to server farms and networking clusters.
  • Works seamlessly with any SSL VPN in the market.

Deployment Options

Fully featured and self-managed.
The entire solution resides in your infrastructure.

  • Host Thinfinity on existing on-premises servers or in a private cloud.
  • Integrated, secure, and scalable digital workspace solution at the lowest TCO in the market.
  • Works seamlessly with existing infrastructure models and identity providers.

A digital workspace that combines any public cloud and on-premises resources.

  • Grow computing solutions that evolve together with your business needs.
  • Preserve existing investments in legacy infrastructure.
  • Adaptable and flexible deployments.

Deliver secure digital workspaces from any cloud.

  • Designed to work seamlessly with any cloud or multi- cloud infrastructure.
  • Enhanced security by leveraging the security features of cloud infrastructure providers, Thinfinity Workspace cloud deployments are more secure against cyber threats.
  • Perfect fit for today’s high-paced environments.

Turnkey solution. Avoid infrastructure costs and deployment headaches.

  • Provide a fully-fledged digital workspace with practically zero effort.
  • Turnkey solution that includes the setup and management of cloud-based infrastructure, developer environments, and office productivity software.
  • Centralize users, applications, and data for better security, compliance, and IT efficiency.
Browser-based Remote Desktop and Screen Sharing

The easiest VDI deployment

The virtualization capabilities of Thinfinity Workspace Standard let you create virtual environments in just a few simple steps. It works seamlessly with Hypervisors Like Microsoft Hyper-V, VM-Ware, or VirtualBox. Runs natively on public clouds like AWS or Azure.

Offer your software as a service (SAAS)

Offer your software as a service (SaaS)

Thinfinity Workspace Standard enables ISVs to quickly transform Windows applications into web-based, cloud-hosted services. Deliver them to any device through an HTML5-compatible Web browser, without plugins.

Active directory

Move your infrastructure to the cloud

Thinfinity Workspace Standard runs seamlessly on any public, private, or hybrid cloud. Build a flexible infrastructure mixing browser access to VDI, VMs, RemoteApps, and Unix machines. Allow users and clients to run your Windows applications anywhere and on any device.

A new way to safely access your workspace

Increase your project security with 2FA and MFA

Authenticate users with Windows or Azure AD and enforce policies by groups, users, or devices. Use Oauth2 to set a Single-Sign-On (SSO) scheme with the most popular identity platforms in the market, or use protocols like SAML or RADIUS to create a 2FA experience.

Application modernization

Seamless scalability for enterprise growth

We designed Thinfinity Workspace Standard for a constantly expanding range of end-users. Our load balancing architecture will ensure optimal resource allocation and maintain full functionality. You can start small and grow as needed.

Zero client setup

Zero client-side installation

Thinfinity Workspace Standard comes with its web server that creates HTTP and HTTPS connections with the end-user browser, using web sockets and providing a fluent user experience, even with heavyweight workloads. It is really that simple!

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