Thinfinity® Remote Desktop

Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server is a cost-effective solution for secure Desktop and Applications Virtualization Driven by a high-performance, firewall-friendly, HTTP/WebSockets server. Deliver desktops, mission critical applications, and data to any user, notwithstanding of the operating system or device

Cross browser client

Compatible with all HTML5 browsers

Works with any HTML5-compliant web browser and intelligently delivers cross-browser support by automatically switching to HTTPS for Android native browsers, Microsoft IE9, and other browsers that do not use WebSockets.

Compatible with all HTML5 browsers

Virtual desktops


Allow users to connect to remote RDS/VDI platforms, increase your infrastructure flexibility by adding new VM’s to your environment on demand.
The IT admins can deploy a new workstation from scratch and then replicate it as many times as they need in no time.

Application virtualization and publishing

Instant remote access to networks and desktop applications

Thinfinity® Remote Desktop is compatible with Microsoft RemoteApp. Infrastructure managers can effortlessly publish and manage the broadest range of applications.  Delivering Windows desktop application as a web App through any HTML5 web browser is a matter of minutes when using the intuitive user interface of the Thinfinity Manager.

Instant remote access to networks and desktop applications
Load balancing servers

Load balancer

Load balancing servers

RDP connections can be evenly distributed across multiple connection servers. Our workload balancing architecture ensures optimal resource allocation and will maintain full functionality, even in the event of a component failure.

Active directory

Active directory

Integrate your existing Active Directory with the Thinfinity® Remote Desktop authentication system. It supports the creation of access profiles and to map them to existing windows users. Group those profiles into user groups and nested groups.

Active directory
Zero client setup icon

Zero client setup

Thinfinity® Remote Desktop runs entirely from your browser and does not require Flash, Java, ActiveX, Silverlight or any other additional setup on the end-user side.

Windows terminal services icon

Windows terminal services

By combining a high-performance RDP client and robust connection brokering, Thinfinity® enables access to applications and desktops running on Windows Terminal Services.

File transfer icon

File Transfer

Users can exchange files between the remote machines and their portable devices. Our Thin disk makes it simple to upload or download files to the remote host and it can also be activated or deactivated by the admin based on the user profile.

Record session icon

Record your RDP sessions

Record remote desktop sessions and play them from the Thinfinity® Remote
Desktop web interface.

Printer icon

Remote Printing

The end-user can easily route printing jobs from the WTS/RDS Server to a local printer. Our Thinfinity® printer makes really easy for the end-user to print using its local printer or the office resources.

Remote audio icon

Remote Audio

Chrome, Firefox and Edge users can access the audio output of their remote machine in real-time.

Security standards

Single sign-on (SSO) and two factor authentication (2FA)

Security standards

Integrate Thinfinity® Remote Desktop with other apps by setting a Single-Sign-On (SSO) scheme. You can also Implement a variety of different factors for authentication across usability and assurance levels. Thinfinity® Remote Desktop is compatible with the most popular and reliable vendors on the market.

Cross-platform and cross device client

Cross device client

Supports PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Chromebook, and Android devices. Linux machines can be accessed remotely through the use of XRDP Servers.

Cross device client



Thinfinity® Remote Desktop includes a gateway that allows secure access to your enterprise network. Can be used with, or instead of,  SSL VPN. It Supports all industry-standard SSL VPNs, including Cisco and Juniper.

Compatible with PAN clientless VPN

pan clientless VPN compatibility

Thinfinity® Remote Desktop is Fully Compatible with Palo Alto Network Clientless VPN.

pan clientless VPN compatibility
Analytics icon


Assigned users can view analytical data regarding logins, sessions, and connections established within Thinfinity® Remote Desktop.

Languages icon


English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese versions.

Windows Icon

32/64 bit Windows editions

Thinfinity Remote Desktop can be deployed in 64 bit editions, from Windows 10 to Windows 11 and from Windows Server 2012.

Linux icon


Linux machines can be accessed remotely through the use of XRDP Servers.

Performance icon


Delivers the best performance of all available RDP HTML5 Web clients.

Android icon


Full-screen support for Android.