Thinfinity® Remote Desktop
For Developers

External Authentication

Use our SDK, External Authentication, custom Web Interface, and Web Services API features for integrating Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server with your current environment.

Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server can validate users to log in once and gain access repetitively, without the need for re-authentication in future sessions. Existing authentication methods can be seamlessly and securely integrated with the Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server. Visit Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server Guide External authentication page to learn more.

Security standards

Access profiles web service

The Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server Access Profiles integration enables external applications to:

  •  Retrieve any information about configured profiles in the Thinfinity®Remote – — Desktop Server.
  • Create new profiles.
  • Delete existing profiles.
  • Modify existing profiles.

The Web Service Transaction Manager enables you to execute a series of operations as a single unit. The Transaction Manager will guarantee that either the series of operations will be executed simultaneously, or not executed at all.

Web Services API

The Web Services API allows external applications to access and modify certain Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server data and settings.
Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server has two different Web Services modules available:

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Analytics web service

The Analytics Web Service allows external applications to access data regarding Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server logins, sessions, connections and used browsers.

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Customizing the Web Interface

Both the Server and Workstation Edition of Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server have a simple web interface that can be customized and tailored to your existing branding scheme.
Visit the documentation section to learn more about the customization options available for each edition.