Thinfinity® Deployment Architecture Options

Thinfinity can integrate easily with your existing infrastructure. Install and configure the software on on-premise servers and any cloud solution in the market. Alternatively, Thinfinity can also be fully or partially hosted by our team, providing the most cost-effective and high-performance solution in the market.

Thinfinity packs a secure, high-performance HTTP / WebSockets server, which manages the web pages needed to run the Thinfinity web client on the browser.

The Thinfinity gateway services respond to all web-page requests, and when a connection is requested, it selects the appropriate server where to forward that request. If any established connection fails or a server fails, the gateway will be able to reconnect to the server that has the highest availability.

When an end-user accesses the Thinfinity main page and enters the appropriate connection parameters, the Thinfinity web client communicates with the gateway services, which, in turn, forwards this connection to the Thinfinity server, using Ajax and WebSockets (if available) to initiate a link to the remote-end.

Once the connection has been established, the server will receive RDP commands, optimize them for the web, and send the resulting data stream to the gateway, which will send it to the Thinfinity web client.

Load balancing architectures for Thinfinity

If you think that your Thinfinity environment would benefit from load balancing, you can choose between three possible architectures. This decision is essential for planning the hardware setup and configuring the system to work in a distributed way.

One Gateway and One Broker

Scenario-1-One Gateway - Multiple Server

A single gateway distributes the connection load between several servers in this simple scenario.

Multiple Gateways and Multiple Brokers

Scenario-2-Multiple gateways and multiple servers

This second scheme comprises multiple servers, multiple Gateways, and the DNS Server. Its domain name is associated with all the available gateways’ IPs.

One Gateway, One Primary Broker and Multiple Secondary Brokers

Scenario-3-Secondary broker for Thinfinity use case

This third scheme comprises one gateway, one primary broker, and several secondary brokers, which serves one-to-one connections or access to multiple networks.

Thinfinity® Deployment Options

The architecture for a Thinfinity® Remote Desktop deployment is composed of a Server Machine running Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Services, a Server Machine running Gateway Services and the Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Web Client (which loads on an HTML5 browser).

Fully featured and self-managed.
The entire solution resides in your infrastructure.

2023 Thinfintiy Workspace - Architecture - on premise deployment

Thinfinity® gateway and brokers reside in your architecture. Start small and grow based on your business needs. Provide a centralized point of access to on-premise and cloud environments. All your remote connections and applications reside in a single portal.

A digital workspace that combines any public cloud and on-premises resources.

2023 Thinfintiy Workspace - Architecture - hybrid deployment

The Thinfinity gateway and primary brokers can be hosted on any public cloud, providing flexibility and scalability. The Thinfinity secondary brokers, which reside within your infrastructure, establish secure connections to the primary brokers through web-tunneling, eliminating the need for open ports on your enterprise network. Fault tolerance and load balancing are essential for delivering the optimal workspace experience for your business. A thorough evaluation of the infrastructure requirements will be conducted to ensure the safest and most reliable solution is implemented for your specific scenario.

Turnkey solution. Avoid infrastructure costs and deployment headaches.

2023 Thinfintiy Workspace - Architecture - fully hosted deployment

Avoid infrastructure costs and deployment headaches. We host and manage it for you. We offer a fully-fledged digital workspace with practically zero effort. The Thinfinity gateways, primary brokers, and secondary brokers reside on our cloud-based infrastructure. This alternative includes the setup and management of cloud-based infrastructure, developer environments, and office productivity software. The entire solution resides on our cloud-based server infrastructure.

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