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Thinfinity VirtualUI takes Windows Apps to Web


A development platform that allows you to take
any existing Desktop Application and publish it
as a web solution.
You just need to add a single line of code
to your source code and you’ll be ready to go.
Windows applications on a web browser
Move your Windows Application To the web
Developers First

Created with developers in mind, Thinfinity VirtualUI provides scalable, robust, flexible integrations, allowing you to get up and running quickly. No need to recoding or making any significant changes to your source code. Get your application on the web in less than 30 days.

Deploy Your Applications On any Cloud
Cloud Native

Deploy your solutions on any public, private, or hybrid cloud. Scale-up and down according to your project needs and integrate your application with native cloud resources and allow your users and clients to run your Windows Desktop Applications on any device anywhere. 

Add 2FA and MFA to your Application
Secure by Design

Authenticate users with Windows or Azure AD. Use oauth2 to set a Single-Sign-On (SSO) scheme with the most popular identity platforms in the market. Use  SAML or RADIUS to create a 2FA experience or authenticate your users using Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator (TOTP/HOTP)

Simple application Virtualization
Just a Single Line of code…
By adding a single line of code to any of your existing software,
you will be enabling dual-platform functionality.
Releasing a Windows application to the web has never been so easy.
It really is that simple!!!
Just add a single line of code to your Source code
No Recoding
environments and languages
Integrating with any language supporting Win32, GDI/GDI+ API, and ActiveX/COM, Thinfinity VirtualUI redirects Windows calls and drawing commands to the remote HTML5 canvas.
  • Have your Windows software up & running in your browser literally within minutes. All HTML5 browsers are covered, so whether it’s Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari, you’re ready to go.
  • Deploy your solutions and content across all devices. Be it mobile, laptop, or desktop. Windows or Mac. iOS or Android. We’ve got you covered.
Thinfnity VirtualUI works with any Windows Based Language
Ms- Internet Explorer


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Chrome - Chromium - Google - Html5


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Any device. Anywhere.

With Thinfinity VirtualUI compromise is a thing of the past. We know your users are unique, and that you require content that operates across all devices. Be it mobile, laptop, or desktop. Windows or Mac. iOS or Android. We’ve got you covered.

Offer your Software as a service (SaaS)
Thinfinity VirtualUI enables ISVs to quickly transform their Windows applications into Web-based, Cloud-hosted services, and to deliver them to any device through an HTML5-compatible Web browser, with no plug-ins necessary!
Transform your business into a Saas
USB Redirection
USB Redirection - Thinfinity VIrtualUI

Get access to local resources such as webcams and Microphone opening virtual channels between the browser and the local machine using JavaScript Remote Objects.

Universal Printing
Thinfinty VirtualUI - Browser Printer

The Thinfinity Printer allows the end-user to print to the local printer from a virtualized application. Also, for POS software you can send a direct printing job to ticket printers and label printers.

Drag and Drop Files
Thinfinity VirtualUI - Drag and Drop Files

End-users can make uploads and multiple uploads using a simple drag and drop method on your application. There is no need to lose functionalities just because you are behind a web browser.

Upload and Download
Upload and download files to the remote Application

By just adding these simple methods to your application you’ll be able to export all types of files in every format to the end-user device and of course, your users will be able to upload files to the remote applications with a single click.

File System Virtualization
Thinfinity VirtualUI - File system Virtualization

File System Virtualization helps developers publish only relevant shared folders and provide authentication-based private folders. Additionally, shared folders can be redirected to safer places in the disk and/or be write-protected.

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