Thinfinity VirtualUI

Publish your Windows applications on the web

The only product of its kind, Thinfinity VirtualUI offers the simplest solution to delivering your Windows applications to users on any device, anywhere. With no functional or visual compromises, you can make your Windows applications accessible from any HTML5 compatible web browser running on Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, iOS or Android devices.

Instant web exposure with a single line of code

Releasing your Windows applications to the web has never been so easy. By adding just a single line of code to your existing software, you can enable your Windows applications to have dual-platform functionality.

A comprehensive GUI remoting and web integration solution

Thinfinity® VirtualUI supports a wide range of programming languages including .NET, Delphi and C++, allowing you to enhance the lifetime and capabilities of your legacy software. Use our new Javascript Remote Objects (jsRO) framework to integrate your Windows applications with existing web apps and allow your applications to interact with cloud-based resources.

Save money by slashing IT costs

With Thinfinity® VirtualUI there is no need to maintain multiple source code versions. Less maintenance means simpler administrative tasks, less IT work, and more money in your wallet. Forget about hiring additional IT staff and let Thinfinity VirtualUI handle your desktop-to-web transition.

Download a free trial today

The free Thinfinity VirtualUI license includes full remote GUI capabilities for your Windows application, with 90 days to try out the jsRO framework. Get complete access to the jsRO framework with our PRO Developer license.

Have any questions? Take a look at our User Guide.