Thinfinity® VirtualUI
Run desktop apps in the cloud

Thinfinity VirtualUI instantly web-enables Windows Desktop applications written in popular Windows development environments and programming languages: .Net (WinForms/WPF), Delphi, Visual Basic 6.0, Visual FoxPro, Gupta, Visual C++, and others. Developers who are looking to extend the life cycle of their application and convert Windows-based applications into multi-user, multi-instance web apps should take a look at it.

Main Highlights

  • From Windows to web, in minutes: no need to rewrite your entire code.
  • Zero client setup: the resulting web application does not require any plugins, add-ons or additional installations on the client side.
  • Multi-user, multi-instance: the new web application can be accessed by multiple concurrent users, instancing one app per end-user.
  • Real integration capabilities: Windows applications can now be integrated with other web resources or applications, providing not only GUI remoting but also functional and data integration.
  • Object remoting framework: the jsRO framework (Javascript Remote Objects) facilitates the creation of remotable server objects, with their properties, methods and events mirrored to the web as native javascript objects.
  • Web Component integration: fully integrates Web Components or services (like Google Maps, Digital Signature, native HTML5 Video, etc) with the Windows GUI.
  • Development Lab: the web environment lets developers see, test and interact with the Web-enabled Windows app and also work with the jsRO objects created in the application.
  • Dual-platform – Windows/Web: all applications can keep their standard desktop environment behavior, or be accessed remotely from any HTML5-compliant Web browser, in a multi-user, multi-instance fashion.
  • Enhanced end-user access schema: set anonymous or authenticated access with Windows Logon, OAuth/2 or RADIUS. Custom auth method using the Thinfinity Authentication API is also available.
  • File System and Registry Virtualization: create a secure, controlled and isolated environment for each end-user, mapping and/or exposing only relevant application folders and registry entries.
  • Support for multiple RDS sessions: increase the number of applications that can be run per server.
  • Session recording/playback: users can save application sessions and replay them later.


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