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z/Scope Anywhere 8.5 (Beta)

What’s new on z/Scope Anywhere?

Terminal Emulation is faster than ever

– Solid performance with low sys resources
The new Architecture of our web terminal emulator improves the general performance optimizing at maximum the resource consumption of your server.  This will allow you to manage more concurrent users per server keeping the same stability and reliability that you are used to

Live User Counting on your license Tab

– Get the basic information about how many users are accessing your host without going to the analytics

Support for additional authentication methods:

DUO 2FA /  SAML /  Okta Oauth 2.0  / Forgerock OAuth 2.0 

-Increase the security of your project by adding Two Factor or multi-factor authentication with any of the most popular providers on the market.

Host Surfer 1.0


  • Legacy Modernization Tool
  • Create responsive web apps based on your legacy system

-Modernize whole applications or parts of them without altering the standard application access or behavior

Licensing Server Ready

Register your license on a single server and set up a load balancing environment where all your VMs pool the same license server. (Available soon!)

Ready To give it a Try?

Download the setup files and get a 30-day trial with unlimited concurrent users, or if you don’t know where to start, just contact us and get a quick live product demonstration with one of our experts.

If you have any inconveniences during your setup process, feel free to contact out tech support at support@cybelesoft.com