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Web Edition Desktop Editions
z/Scope Anywhere Express 3270 Express 5250 Express VT Classic
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Download z/Scope Anywhere Terminal Emulator web based html5 tn3270 tn5250 vt100

Download TN3270 Terminal Emulator

Download TN5250 Terminal Emulator

Download VT100 Terminal Emulator

Download z/Scope Terminal Emulator tn3270 tn5250 vt100
VTxxx Emulation
TN3270E Emulation
TN5250E Emulation
Browser Based
Windows OS Support (1)
iOS (2)
Touch interface support
Stand Alone
Integrated Printer Emulation (3)
FTP Client (4) Optional
SSL/TLS Support
SSH 1/2 Support
HLLAPI Support
Multilanguage Support
Multisession interface
Screen History
Dynamic Toolbars
Screen Styles
Customizable Macros
Support for OHIO API
Customizable HTML Welcome Page
Office Integration
Centralized Configuration (5)
Centralized user Profiles
Local User Profiles
Connections Statistics
Connections Control Panel
SSL Tunneling (6) Optional Optional Optional Optional
Load Balancing Capabilities

(1) All z/Scope editions are compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012. Older versions of Windows including Windows 98/ME/2000 are also supported.

(2) z/Scope Anywhere is browser-based, which makes the application platform and OS independent. Any devicewith an HTML5-supported browser will be able to access z/Scope Anywhere.

(3) Support for TN3287 and TN3812 printing terminals.

(4) The FTP client function is optional for the Classic edition. For a minimal additional investment you will get a full FTP Client seamlessly integrated into the tabbed z/Scope interface.

(5) Requires our free centralized configuration facility for large deployments: Remote Configuration Server, which can be customized according to your specific needs. Download it here.

(6) Contact us if you wish to enable SSL tunneling for your Telnet connections.

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