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Citrix Alternative

Reduce TCO by up to 65% compared to your current virtual desktop provider

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Cloud Agnostic Deployment

Our platform’s cloud-agnostic nature enables flexible deployment across any cloud service or on-premises setup, optimizing operational flexibility and minimizing expenses.

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Central Image Management

Manage and deploy virtual desktop images efficiently, taking advantage of Thinfinity VDI Manager’s integration capabilities for effective load distribution and maintenance.

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Seamless Device Integration

Thinfinity supports the modern workplace's demand for flexibility by ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices, including laptops, smartphones, and thin clients.


User-Friendly VM Templates

Utilize pre-configured templates for streamlined VM creation, while easily managing user access and deploying desktop applications, ensuring a smooth and efficient virtual desktop infrastructure.

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65% Lower TCO

Achieve significant savings compared to other virtual desktop alternatives.
Thinfinity lowers costs with fewer hardware and infrastructure needs compared to Citrix.

Clientless Multi-Monitor Support

Thinfinity elevates any device into a multitasking powerhouse, effortlessly facilitating work across multiple monitors and applications without any lag or performance issues.

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