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Empower your MSP business

Provide seamless remote access to applications, desktops, and files

Our powerful application enables you to deliver any Windows or web-based application to any device, anywhere, without the need for complex VPNs.

  • Easily connect to Windows, Linux, and Mac desktops from any device with no hassle.
  • Stabilisci connessioni sicure ai terminali SSH e Telnet, utilizzando SSL e rafforzato con la crittografia TLS 1.3 per una protezione ottimale dei dati.
  • Utilizza la tecnologia SSL VPN per stabilire un accesso sicuro e affidabile alle applicazioni intranet, garantendo una solida protezione per la tua infrastruttura di rete.
  • Accesso a Mainframe, AS400 (TN3270/TN5250) o Unix utilizzando un client di emulazione terminale HTML5 puro senza VPN.
  • Implementa autorizzazioni basate sui ruoli per definire i profili di accesso e regolare i privilegi degli utenti, semplificando la gestione della sicurezza in tutta l'organizzazione.
  • Trasforma le singole applicazioni da prodotti installati localmente in servizi gestiti centralmente.
  • Integrate legacy web applications with modern digital workspaces.

Choose Thinfinity Workspace for MSPs to simplify your managed services and improve productivity for your clients

By centralizing application management, it becomes effortless to provision new applications, update existing ones, and monitor usage across multiple clients.

Our platform optimizes application delivery and remote access management with an array of features that ensure smooth and effective operation, including:

  • Multi-tenant licensing management. From a single pane, our solution allows you to easily manage all of your customers.
  • Cross-platform support. Thinfinity Workspace for MSPs supports Windows, Linux, and Mac, allowing you to deliver applications to any device.
  • Seamless Onboarding. With Thinfinity Workspace for MSPs, you can easily onboard new clients and ensure that their transition is smooth and efficient.
  • Accesso remoto. Our solution provides secure remote access to applications, enabling your clients to work from anywhere, at any time.
  • Robust management tools. Thinfinity Workspace offers a range of management tools, including application usage tracking, license management, and user permissions.
  • Powerful integration. Our platform integrates with your existing infrastructure, including Active Directory, LDAP, and SAML

Why Thinfinity Workspace for MSPs


Reduce Service Costs and Complexity


Simplify MSP Client & Licensing Management



Enhance Security & Data Protection (SSO/2FA) and isolated workspaces



Streamline Onboarding Processes with quick and easy customer setup



Provide your Customers with a cutting-edge Remote Access Solution


Boost your Service Portfolio with Advanced Features



Can I use white labeling? Is it possible to have a full customization option?

Yes, it’s possible to customize your workspace experience.

How does Thinfinity for MSPs simplify management for me?

Thinfinity for MSPs makes it easier for you by centralizing application management, facilitating the provisioning of new applications, updating existing ones, and monitoring usage across multiple clients.

Is Thinfinity for MSPs secure?

Yes, Thinfinity for MSPs implements a zero-trust security model that ensures the safety of your customer’s data and applications.

Is it easy to get started?

If you were to start your free trial of Thinfinity for MSPs today, you could publish applications to your customers within hours.

Do you offer training for MSPs?

Yes, we conduct live meetings to showcase our solutions, products, and features. 

How does this improve the user experience for my customers?

Your customers get access to the full desktop version of their Windows applications on any device, from the browser, creating a seamless user experience.

What level of customization is available for the SLA for MSPs?

We offer customized SLA options tailored to your specific needs.

Do you offer Partners or Reseller agreements?

Yes, we have a Partnership Program.  Read More

Do you offer discounts for higher volumes?

Yes, we can work together with the best deal opportunity for your projects.

Is there technical support available?

Yes, we provide support through both phone and digital channels. Additionally, we offer customized support options through SLA.


Starting at $9

 Per Concurrent User, Per Month

Unlock the benefits of Thinfinity Workspace for MSPs and simplify your managed services

It’s time to say goodbye to the hassle of switching between different applications and tools. Thinfinity Workspace for MSPs provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies the management of licensing, deployment and client support. Don’t just take our word for it – hundreds of enterprises and organizations across all industries utilize Thinfinity for MSPs to deliver business-critical applications to hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.

Experience Thinfinity Workspace for MSPs at your own pace

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Experience Thinfinity Workspace for MSPs

Empower your MSP business

Provide your clients with the workspace services they want. Easy setup, scalable, flexible pay-as-you-go pricing

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