Thinfinity® Remote Desktop

Publish any application

By combining Microsoft RemoteApp with Thinfinity Remote Desktop you can publish any Windows Application on the web and access it from any device using an HTML5 browser.

You don’t need to have any programming skills or make any modification to the Windows application source code to accomplish it.

Open the Thinfinity Remote Desktop Server Manager.


NOTE: Remember that Microsoft RemoteApp is only available for Windows Server with Remote Desktop Services installed, so we recommend to check your environment before you start following this tutorial.

Select the “Access Profiles” tab, and click “Add > RDP”


Configure the following parameters:

  1.  The Access Profile with a name
  2.  The IP Address of the server
  3.  The Windows credentials that you want to use to authenticate the server

For testing purposes, check “Allow anonymous access”

  1. Under the “Program” tab, choose “Execute as RemoteApp”.
  2. Specify the program path and the filename you want to publish.
  3. If you need to pass arguments to your application, you can specify those in the “Arguments” field.
  4.  Click   “OK”

Click “Apply”.


For testing purposes also, check “Allow anonymous access“ under the Authentication tab.


You can check the application published by going to:

http://localhost:[ThinfinityPort] ( by default is: 8443 ), and clicking on the Access Profile you just created


To provide your users a quick access to the application you can create a desktop shortcut to the URL of Thinfinity Remote Desktop Server with the virtual path of the application.

How to create a shortcut to a remote app