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VMware Alternative

Thinfinity Workspace as a VMware Horizon Alternative

Lower complexity and cost. Stay on-prem, move to the cloud, or both. Thinfinity makes DaaS/VDI simple.

Thinfinity Workspace as a VMware Horizon Alternative

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Why choose Thinfinity Workspace over VMware?

Effortless Management

Streamline your VDI implementation and cloud migration with Thinfinity Workspace, offering flexibility between a Fully Managed service and Self-Managed options. Choose our Fully Managed solution for complete handling of your infrastructure needs, including backup, recovery, monitoring, and maintenance, or opt for the Self-Managed path if you prefer to maintain control over these aspects.

Superior User Experience

Benefit from advanced compression, geo-optimization, and autoscaling. Thinfinity provides a seamless experience across Windows, Mac, and Linux, ensuring high performance in a cloud-native environment.

Freedom from Data Center Concerns

Overcome data center management challenges by embracing Thinfinity's decentralized architecture, which seamlessly combines cloud scalability and on-premises resources. Benefit from the robustness of the cloud alongside the control of on-prem infrastructure, effectively eliminating hardware upgrade hassles and mitigating risks.

Browser-Based Accessibility

Access your digital workspace from any device, anywhere. Thinfinity promotes BYOD policies, eliminating the need for complex VPNs or endpoint management systems.

Reduced Ownership Costs

Embrace an uncomplicated, all-encompassing subscription model devoid of unexpected fees, offering predictability at a cost significantly lower by 50-70% than traditional VDI solutions.

Unwavering Customer Support

Experience our commitment to excellence Enterprise level support, underscored by a remarkable 97% renewal rate that proves our dedication to being there for our clients.

Uncompromised Security

Built on zero trust and least privilege security models, Thinfinity ensures robust protection against threats, safeguarding your digital workspace.

Enhanced Collaboration Features

Foster real-time collaboration directly within the desktop environment. Facilitate effortless screen sharing, Video Calls, and file exchanges among users for a more connected and productive experience.

Redefining VDI

& Virtual App Experience

Flexible Cloud Deployment Options

Deploy and manage desktops and apps on-premises, or in the public or hybrid cloud with automation and SaaS services from the Thinfinity Control Panel.

Modern Management

Deploy full-featured, personalized virtual desktops and apps with Instant Clone and auto scaling technology.

Optimal End User Experience

Deliver an exceptional remote experience with secure workstation-class performance, rich 2D and 3D graphics, and optimized voice and video support.

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Virtual Desktop Experience

Multi-Monitor Support

Thinfinity Virtual Desktop enhances productivity with robust multi-monitor support, allowing users to extend their workspace across several screens for a comprehensive and immersive experience.

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Peripheral Compatibility

Ensures a local-like experience by offering unparalleled peripheral compatibility, seamlessly integrating devices such as printers, scanners, and more to provide full functionality within the virtual environment.

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Real-Time Audio and Video

Optimizes collaboration within virtual desktops by supporting real-time audio and video conferencing through platforms like Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet, ensuring users stay connected and can collaborate effectively from anywhere.



Thinfinity Virtual Desktop’s cutting-edge auto scalability ensures efficient resource management by deploying VDI on any cloud or datacenter and dynamically adjusting resources based on usage or schedules, guaranteeing optimal performance and cost efficiency.

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Seamless Data Transfer

Features advanced clipboard and file transfer redirection capabilities, facilitating effortless data sharing between the local and virtual desktops, enhancing user convenience and workflow efficiency.


Virtual Application Experience

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Unified Access from Anywhere

Thinfinity enables seamless remote access to virtual applications from any location, eliminating geographical and device constraints. Users can work as effectively from home as they would in the office, using any web-enabled device to access their work environment.

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Seamless Integration of Diverse Applications 

It merges applications from different environments—whether on-premises, cloud, or hybrid—into a single digital workspace. This integration reduces complexity and eliminates the need for multiple logins, providing a streamlined user experience across all applications.

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Optimized Performance for Virtual Applications

Thinfinity optimizes the performance of virtual applications through advanced load balancing and resource management techniques. This ensures high responsiveness and a user experience that mirrors local application use

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Enhanced Security and Compliance

By centralizing applications within a digital workspace, organizations can enforce strict security policies and meet compliance standards more easily.


Flexible and Customizable User Interface

The platform offers extensive customization options for the user interface, allowing organizations to modify the workspace to align with their brand identity and user preferences.

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Easy Administration

Thinfinity simplifies the administrative aspect of managing virtual application access, providing tools for quick setup, user management, and access control

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