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Deliver your applications, desktops and files, in minutes

In the era of anywhere work, effective application delivery is key to the success of the modern business. The Thinfinity product family has been designed to make application delivery easy to use, affordable to buy and fast to setup.

Instant remote access to networks and desktop applications

Thinfinity® Workspace Enterprise

Enable remote access to ALL your apps, desktops, and files on any device

  • Get the most cost-efficient and scalable remote access solution on the market.
  • Create secure digital workspaces that users can access with just a web browser.
  • Securely share files and folders hosted on prem.
  • Flexible architecture enables greater agility.
  • Manage remote and on-site customers from a single web portal.

Thinfinity® Workspace Standard

Deliver Windows apps and desktops to any device, anywhere.

  • Secure access to your Windows applications and desktops.
  • Use any device with an HTML5 browser.
  • Access hosted, VDI and local Virtual Machine resources on the web or from mobile devices.
  • Seamless scalability for enterprise growth.
Browser-based Remote Desktop and Screen Sharing
Move your desktop applications to the web

Thinfinity® VirtualUI

Deliver your proprietary Windows applications to the web

  • Turn your legacy desktop app into a modern web enabled SaaS and extend its life and business value.
  • Take your Windows desktop-based application to the web in minutes.
  • No need for recoding, just add a single line of code.
  • Keep all your existing functionalities.
  • Integrate your application with native web resources.

Thinfinity® VNC

Remote access to computers from your browser. Ideal for support agents.

  • Pure html5 client, works with all browsers, devices operating systems.
  • The fastest streaming experience, allowing for smooth interaction with the main Windows computer.
  • Installs on Windows 7+. Compatible with Windows Server 2008+.
Remote access to computers from your browser
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