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Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Privileged Access Management

Protect your organization's digital environment and effectively achieve Zero Trust goals by implementing Privileged Access Management workflows to minimize cyber risks.

Privileged Access Management

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Incorporate Zero Trust Principles
into Privileged Access Management

Resource Reservation

Thinfinity’s Resource Reservation Module streamlines the process of providing temporary remote application access to employees, contractors, and vendors. With an easy-to-use interface, it allows for the swift setup and approval of temporary access privileges, enhancing security and efficiency. This approach aligns with Zero Trust principles by ensuring that access is securely managed and granted on a need-to-use basis.

Streamline Processes with Thinfinity's Approval Workflows


Automated Approval Requests

Facilitates quick and efficient handling of access requests with automated workflow mechanisms.


Customizable Workflow Design

Provides the capability to customize approval workflows to align with unique organizational requirements and access policies, accommodating various role types such as administrators, users, and supervisors.


Multi-Level Approval System

Supports complex, multi-tiered approval processes for enhanced security and control over access permissions.


Real-Time Notifications

Keeps relevant parties informed with instant notifications in portal and by email on approval requests and decisions.


Audit Trail and Compliance

Ensures a complete audit trail of approvals for compliance purposes, providing transparency and accountability in access management.

Use Cases


Temporary and time based access for Employees

Streamlined Approval Workflows

Incorporates efficient approval processes for temporary access requests, ensuring quick and secure authentication.

Time-Based Access Control

Enables precise, time-limited access permissions for temporary employees, aligning with short-term project needs and enhancing security.

Principle of Least Privilege

Adheres strictly to least privilege access, granting temporary employees only the necessary rights to perform their specific job functions.

Flexible IDP Compatibility

Offers compatibility with multiple Identity Providers (IDPs), ensuring seamless integration with various external authentication systems.

Comprehensive Monitoring and Audit Trails

Includes robust monitoring and detailed audit logs, offering complete visibility and tracking of temporary employee activities and access patterns.


Vendor Privileged Access Management (VPAM)

Secure and Streamlined Vendor Access

VPAM enables secure vendor access to your organization's assets, extending best practices of privileged access security beyond the perimeter.

Efficient Approval Workflows

Features an intuitive system for authorizing reservation requests and managing vendor access, aligning with your organizational workflow needs.

Customizable Access Control

Utilize a flexible permission structure to create custom roles for vendors, tailored to specific access and operational requirements.

Credential Management and Injection

Managed credentials are directly injected for remote sessions, ensuring vendors never receive actual passwords, enhancing both security and operational efficiency​.

Enforcement of Least Privilege

Access is limited to the bare minimum required, with an emphasis on just-in-time access models to prevent excessive or persistent vendor privileges​.


Secure access to Cloud Infrastructure

Simplified Approval Workflows

Introduces easy-to-navigate approval processes for secure connectivity, enhancing cloud developer and DevOps engineer productivity.

Hassle-Free Secure Connectivity

Offers seamless and secure access solutions, tailored for diverse cloud infrastructures.

Robust Authentication Systems

Implements advanced authentication mechanisms, ensuring secure and reliable access for all cloud-based operations.

Comprehensive Audit Capabilities

Features extensive auditing tools, providing transparent and detailed insights into access and usage across cloud environments.

Optimized for Cloud Infrastructure

Specifically designed to support the unique demands of cloud infrastructure, facilitating smooth, secure operations for developers and engineers.

Core Features

Preferred by teams globally for ensuring secure access

Secure Remote Access

Thinfinity enables secure, fluid connections to IT frameworks, cloud services, and OT systems from any location, avoiding the need for VPNs enhancing security and seamless access.

Session Management

Gain full control over privileged sessions with detailed tracking and documentation, ensuring effortless compliance and secure oversight.

Privileged Access Control

Implement least privilege and just-in-time access, providing users with necessary remote access for the exact duration needed, optimizing security.

Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts

Monitor privileged activities in real-time with an advanced system that alerts administrators to unusual activities, enhancing security response.

Streamlined Authentication

Incorporate multi-factor, passwordless, and SAML authentications for efficient, secure system access, improving user experience and security.

Compliance & Session Auditing

Achieve SOC 2 compliance with in-depth session audits and analytics, offering immediate and historical insights for robust security management.

Product Highlights

Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA)
Expand Privileged Access Management (PAM) best practices to encompass remote access. Aligned with zero trust principles, Thinfinity’s solution ensures that all access across the enterprise is justified, properly scaled, and meticulously documented. It allows for just-in-time access tailored for internal teams, external vendors, and OT systems, using detailed least privilege access controls.

Simplify Access for End Users
Privileged Remote Access enables a smooth user experience that empowers users to work with the tools they want.
By brokering all connections through a single, secure access pathway, your attack surface is significantly reduced. Oversight and auditing are also simplified by getting a single list of authorized endpoints available for each user.

Gain Complete Oversight Over Privileged Sessions
Streamline remote session management using Thinfinity’s centralized platform, compatible with a wide array of protocols: RDP, VNC, HTTPS, SSH, SQL, Webdav, WAG, TN3250, TN5250, Thinfinity VNC, and VirtualUI. Administrators have complete control over session scheduling, user access, and application permissions, along with the ability to capture and review session data.


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