Offer simple and secure remote access
to your organization's critical resources

Provide browser access to your internal
and desktop applications

Extend the life and capabilities of your most valued apps, by turning dated software into
web-enabled SaaS or deploying them as web apps on your customers' premises.

Deliver remote access to desktops and applications from a web portal based solution in just a few minutes.
Share your resources anywhere with the latest security standards while keeping it simple for the admins, and the users.

Thinfinity Workspace

Enable remote access to ALL your apps, desktops, and files on any device.

Get the most cost-efficient and scalable remote access solution on the market. Create secure digital workspaces that users can access with just a web browser.

Thinfinity Remote Desktop Access your software from anywhere
Thinfinity Workspace Standard
Formerly Remote Desktop

Access your Windows apps and desktops from anywhere on any device.

Thinfinity: Windows to web solutions.
Thinfinity VirtualUI

Move your Windows applications to the web. No need for recoding, just add a single line of code.

Thinfinity VNC use case
Thinfinity VNC

Offer technical support from a browser-based screen sharing solution for Windows computers.


We help enterprises to access their terminal-based applications, anywhere and at anytime by using a web browser.

z/Scope Anywhere

A secure and cost-effective web terminal emulation solution.
Access any Mainframe, AS400 or Unix machine from a
unique portal, and on any device.

z/Scope Desktop

A simple but powerful desktop terminal
emulation solution. The simplest way to access,
AS400, mainframe and unix servers.

Tn bridge

TN BRIDGE is a self-contained development library with no external
dependencies. No terminal emulator package is required either.