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Optimize Your Organization's Virtual Desktop Strategy Across Multi-Cloud Platforms

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Orchestrate cloud VDI setups efficiently across diverse cloud platforms like Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud, using Thinfinity VDI Manager’s automated deployment capabilities.

Utilize pre-configured templates for streamlined VM creation, while easily managing user access and deploying desktop applications, ensuring a smooth and efficient virtual desktop infrastructure.

Customize virtual desktop deployments with easy-to-use configuration tools. Operate seamlessly across multiple cloud platforms, offering a versatile and adaptable deployment strategy that fits your organization’s needs.

Dynamically adjust virtual desktop resources based on demand. Implement flexible scaling solutions to meet changing organizational needs and demands, ensuring optimal performance and cost efficiency.

Implement time-based, on-demand, and session-based scaling strategies for efficient resource management. Manage and deploy virtual desktop images efficiently, taking advantage of Thinfinity VDI Manager’s integration capabilities for effective load distribution and maintenance.

VDI Manager Capabilities

Scale to any cloud with flexible VDI deployment models

VDI Manager-multi-cloud

Multi-cloud Orchestration

Manage VDI environments across multiple cloud providers with Thinfinity's unified control panel, simplifying and centralizing administration.

Time Based Provisioning

Time Based Provisioning

Efficiently Allocate and Deallocate VDI Environments Based on Schedules, Dynamically Adapting Resources to Align with Demand.

On Demand Provisioning

On Demand Provisioning

Instantly create and deploy VDI environments as needed, ensuring resource optimization and alignment with real-time demand.

Session Based provisioning

Session Based Provisioning (autoscaling)

Automatically scale your VDI resources in response to user session demands, ensuring optimal performance and cost-efficiency at all times.

Advanced Automation

Advanced Automation

API-driven architecture provides ability to integrate additional tooling, services, and workflows, creating automation to support environments.

Scale Desktops
& Control Costs

Lower Infrastructure Costs
Realize a substantial 78% cost reduction in cloud infrastructure, driving financial efficiency and substantial savings in your VDI deployment.

Scale Rapidly As Needed
Quickly adjust your VDI capacity to meet changing business demands, ensuring agility and responsiveness without compromising on performance.

Simplify Management
Streamline the administration of your VDI environment with intuitive tools and processes, reducing complexity and enabling more efficient oversight and control.

Rapid Implementation and Stable Environment
Cut down maintenance and troubleshooting efforts by 50% to 70%, ensuring a swift deployment and a reliably stable VDI infrastructure.

2023 - Cybele Software - VDI Manager

Use Cases

Business Agility

Enable Business Agility With a Remote Workforce

Simplify the integration of new users, devices and applications. Scale from the data center to the cloud, offering intelligent monitoring of performance, utilization, and security, all while delivering a robust VDI experience to users anywhere in the world.

hybrid cloud management

Hybrid Cloud Management and Application Co-Location

Deliver virtual desktops and apps from whichever location makes the most sense, while managing all environments from a single pane of glass.

business continuity

Agile Cloud Architecture for Business Resilience

Thinfinity’s dynamic, cloud-based architecture provides agility and robustness, ensuring your business stays adaptable and resilient for continuous operations in any scenario.

2023 VDI Manager - Virtual Labs

Virtual Labs and Classrooms

Set up virtual desktop environments with for educational and training purposes, adaptable to any scale. Ideal for various settings, including healthcare labs, engineering labs, and software training labs, it provides a flexible and efficient solution tailored to each unique learning environment.

2023 VDI Manager - onboarding

Efficient Onboarding and Offboarding of Contractors

Enhance the management of external workforce by enabling easy provisioning and deprovisioning of virtual desktops. This allows for streamlined onboarding and offboarding of contractors, ensuring efficient and secure access to necessary resources.

2023 VDI Manager - Dev Environment

Testing and development environments

Utilize Thinfinity for efficient provisioning of VDI images, ideal for testing applications, services, or new products. Administrators can deploy and evaluate new platforms in ‘live’ environments without needing additional hardware resources. Post-testing, they can effortlessly decommission the VDI instance and roll out updates, applications, or desktop environments.

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