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Deploy Cloud Desktops
On Demand

Thinfinity Workspace’s built-in VDI Manager provides a key set of features to achieve cloud cost efficiency by delivering on-demand deployment and availability of Virtual Desktops on the cloud.

Improve Cloud's Efficiency

Thinfinity’s VDI Manager allows automating Cloud VDI deployments by providing easy-to-use VM templates and deployment configurations. Create, manage and scale virtual desktops from a single platform.

Cloud Delivery Automation efficiency
Optimized application delivery concept

Optimize Application Delivery

Automate cloud application server provisioning. Improve delivery by deploying and managing custom VMs with one or multiple applications.

Thinfinity’s VDI Manager allows you to:

  • Schedule allocations and deallocations
  • Start VMs upon end-user access and stop them on disconnection
  • Manage on per-user basis instances
  • Manage Remote Desktop Services pools

Lower SaaS and DaaS Costs

Get complete control over the cloud resource usage. Make your cloud servers available on demand, and pay only for the time effectively in use. Your cloud infrastructure goes into idle mode when inactive.

Save up to 75% on cloud costs by integrating VDI manager with your existing SaaS and DaaS models.

Cloud infrastructure and technical in savings

VDI Manager Capabilities

Thinfinity Workspace includes a built-in VDI Manager to enable both, scheduled and on-demand provisioning automation of cloud instances.

Provision on demand access icon

Works in collaboration with the scheduler module to allocate instances for specific bookings

Usage based on schedule & availability icon

Allocate, start and stop instances based on specific set of times or at end-user request

Create and delete VMs icon

Dynamically create and delete VM’s using deployment templates at any scale

Remote access icon

Avoid exposing the VMs to the internet by using the Virtualization Agent

Credential manager icon

Manage credentials for all subscriptions and cloud providers straight from Thinfinity

VDI deployment icon

Avoid the complexity of on-premises VDI deployments; provision automated VM instances on the cloud

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