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Move your C++ Applicationsto the web

A development platform that allows you to take any existing desktop application and publish it as a web solution. You just need to add a single line of code to your source code and you'll be ready to go.

Extend the reach of your C++ application

Apps on the web

C++ apps on the web

Deliver your C++ application to any device with very low development investment. Lower support costs by centralizing your deployments.

App migration to the cloud

App migration to the cloud

Seamlessly migrate your complex C++ legacy applications to the cloud. No refactoring.

ISV software to saas

ISV software to SaaS

Rent or provide a service with your C# application. Deliver a better customer experience and increase revenue, avoiding costly software rewrites. No need to change your application.

Your C++ app ready to be published in a few easy steps...

Have your C++ software up & running in your browser literally within minutes. Just check this 5 minutes .Net tutorial and get started.

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Why go with Thinfinity VirtualUI

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Easy deployment and scalability

Host your app wherever you want and increase the amount of users according to your business needs.

Citrix Replacement - Cybele Software

Cost efectiveness

With minimun investment, you can extend the life-cycle of your legacy application without costly code rewrites or expensive virtualization services.

Increases security - Thinfinity Features

Increase security

Isolate your Windows C++ apps to protect critical systems from device’s vulnerabilities.

Performance and savings - Thinfinity Features

Performance & Savings

Distribute the workload across multiple Windows session as well as multiple servers using load balancing architecture.

Choose the best license for your project

Our license and plans structure covers different scenarios, giving you the flexibility to choose what is most suitable for your particular business. Get a quote if you have specific needs.

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We are happy to demo the product or answer any questions.

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