Thinfinity VirtualUI

Easy Money Manager is an open source .NET application that allows you to manage your personal finances. Here we show a real-life application using VirtualUI’s GUI virtualization capabilities.

Fishfacts is a simple database application that provides basic information about fish species. This live demo gives an example of how basic GUI virtualization can be integrated with the web browser and external web resources.

Zoom Investment Portfolio Manager is an open source Delphi application that provides a simple and convenient way to keep track of your stock investments. This is another practical example of VirtualUI’s GUI virtualization capabilities.

This demo shows you how to stream a video to a native HTML5 video component. Videos will run in the web browser to full native speed!!!

Add HTML5 available resources to your application. This demo shows you how to replace an application control with a Web Component to integrate a HTML5-based digital signature pad.

This demo shows you how to access a printer connected to the local web browser to generate RAW prints (barcode, labels, etc.) from your application.