Thinfinity VirtualUI

Programming with Thinfinity VirtualUI and Javascript Remote Objects

The following five-step tutorial illustrates how to publish a Windows application created with Visual Studio and Delphi using Thinfinity VirtualUI.

This tutorial relies on a simple database application to explain the necessary steps involved in integrating this application with web resources.

It starts with a straightforward, single-line-of-code user interface example and progresses to employing more advanced programming techniques and the new jsRO framework. We analyze the code we use and provide explanations and images to accompany each step of the tutorial.

Download the tutorial in PDF format here:

C# Tutorial PDF: virtualui-tutorial-csharp.pdf
VB.NET Tutorial PDF: virtualui-tutorial-vbnet.pdf
Delphi Tutorial PDF: virtualui-tutorial-delphi.pdf
Tutorial source projects: