Thinfinity VirtualUI Tutorials

These are short code examples of simple applications compiled with Thinfinity VirtualUI. You may consider them as a guide to start your integration project.

Programming Language Example
C++ Example virtualui-example-C++
C# Example virtualui-example-csharp
Delphi Example virtualui-example-delphi
Lazarus Example virtualui-example-Lazarus
Microsoft (MS) Access Example virtualui-example-Access
Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) Example virtualui-example-MFC
Python Example virtualui-example-Python
QT Example virtualui-example-QT
VB.NET Example virtualui-example-vbnet
Visual Basic 6 (VB6) Example virtualui-example-vb6
Visual Fox Pro 9 Example virtualui-example-VFP9
Visual Fox Pro Example virtualui-example-VFP
Windev Example virtualui-example-Windev
Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Example virtualui-example-WPF

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