Thinfinity VirtualUI Tutorials

Thinfinity VirtualUI can take your apps to the web in minutes.

These are short code examples of simple applications compiled with Thinfinity VirtualUI. You may consider them as a guide when starting your integration project.

Contact us to coordinate a free demo if you wish to get an overview of this technology.

Programming Language Example
C++ Example virtualui-example-C++
C# Example virtualui-example-csharp
Delphi Example virtualui-example-delphi
Lazarus Example virtualui-example-Lazarus
Microsoft (MS) Access Example virtualui-example-Access
Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) Example virtualui-example-MFC
Python Example virtualui-example-Python
QT Example virtualui-example-QT
VB.NET Example virtualui-example-vbnet
Visual Basic 6 (VB6) Example virtualui-example-vb6
Visual Fox Pro 9 Example virtualui-example-VFP9
Visual Fox Pro Example virtualui-example-VFP
Windev Example virtualui-example-Windev
XBase++ Example virtualui-example-XBase++
Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Example virtualui-example-WPF

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